The Infinite Way Letters
November 1954
By Joel Goldsmith

Part 3 of 4
Attain That Mind

What To Understand for Healing
We have learned that anything we believe we know about God is but a concept of God—not God Itself. No truth that you can know really is Truth!
God can—and does—reveal Itself to us when we attain a stillness within. Truth is clearly perceived and demonstrated when we are receptive to Its Presence. Nothing is hid from those who seek God for God—for the joy, peace, life and love of God—for the Experience Itself.
When we learn, oh! so slowly to give up our opinions and beliefs and theories about God; when we realize the nothingness of human concepts of Truth—then God so fills our being that God lives our very lives!
It is this experience that reveals the next great secret of life: we do not know man; we do not know each other; we do not even know the nature of animal and plant life. Of these also, we have accepted the opinions, thoughts or convictions based entirely on appearances. We have labeled some people good and others bad; we think of some as friends and others as foes; we believe this to be health and that to be disease. Our existence is based almost entirely on “judging by appearances”—and yet the Master’s revelation is “judge righteous judgment.”
All spiritual healing-work is based on the ability to ignore appearances and “see through” these to “righteous judgment.”
The ability to acquire this special gift of healing or true discernment, comes with the same practice we learned in seeking the real awareness of God. When faced with a person or condition, it is necessary to utter no judgment; to have no opinion or concept, in the realization that any concept is not the truth about the situation.
The very moment we cease to accept the appearance and withhold our concept of the person or situation, in that moment we have attained a moment of Silence from human thought, fear, hate, or judgment—and then the Father within (our higher consciousness) reveals the Truth about the person, condition, or situation. Neither you nor I can know the Truth, but God can and does (in that one moment of Stillness) reveal the Truth about all that is necessary to know.
Approach every person, condition, and situation as you approach the seeking of God—with the full knowledge that what you know is not true, being but a concept or opinion based on appearance—but since God knows, we become still, and in that inner quiet hear and know the Truth, and behold the spiritual reality of the person or situation.
In the revelation or unfoldment received within, in peace and quiet, is the healing. This is why we know that you nor I will never heal—but we can be the instruments through which and as which the healing consciousness blesses us and those who find us.
It may, for a moment, appear that we have discovered a simple secret of life, easily practiced—but do not deceive yourself. True, this is a simple, though deep, secret of life: in fact, all spiritual living and healing is based upon it. But the ability to attain this consciousness comes only with constant and steadfast practice; the continuous abiding in the knowledge that we must not accept appearances; that we must reject consciously every concept of God, of man, of things; and that we must patiently “be still” until God reveals through our higher consciousness that which is Truth—the Truth about God, man, and the universe. This is the means of developing that spiritual consciousness which alone is the healing power, and also is the gift of spiritual knowing and living.
This is the meaning of “Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus.” Have or attain that spiritual consciousness which automatically rejects concepts, judgments, and condemnations, and thereby instantly blesses, heals and forgives. It is possible of attainment, but devotion to God and love of man alone gives the necessary steadfastness and patience.
We have learned that spiritual consciousness is the healer. Now we know what constitutes spiritual consciousness—the ability to refrain from accepting concepts of God and man, and in the moment of human stillness, letting the Divine Spirit utter and reveal Itself.
Spiritual consciousness is your consciousness and mine, when freed of personal sense, desires, and concepts of life. Spiritual consciousness is your consciousness and mine as we refuse to accept the concepts, fears, and hates of the world, and receive within the calm assurance and confidence which come with the realization of is Presence.
In this consciousness there is a transcendental Stillness and Peace which truly “passeth understanding”: there is an awareness which is itself the “Peace, be still,” to all discords.

End Part 3