1959 New York Closed Class

Tape 293 Side 1

Advanced Instruction In Healing

 By Joel Goldsmith

Part 4 of 5


        There is only one spiritual consciousness and that is the consciousness that knows there is only one power and does not battle against evil; does not war against negative powers. These principles must be thoroughly understood before your consciousness can evolve to the point of demonstrating them. You first accept them intellectually. . . . As a matter of fact, if you read these books, and they do not bring out a response in you, don’t spend any more time on them because they are evidently not meant for you. But if you feel some response in you to this message, then remember that you have reached the first rung. You have intellectually agreed that there must be something to this or this is truth.     But after that comes, the study of these specific principles and the practice of them, until they become so much a part of your consciousness that instead of sympathising with disease, instead of criticising and condemning sinners, you can approach these with the same attitude the Master did – to the sick, ”What did hinder you, pick up your bed and walk.” To the sinner – “Neither do I condemn thee.” Not carrying over the old Judaic principles of stoning the sinners, or putting them out of the synagogues, but forgiving them seventy times seven until – whether it’s the four hundred and eighty seventh, four hundred and eighty eighth, or four hundred and eighty ninth time, they will awaken; and if they haven’t by then you can rest in peace; you only have one more to go because he says they will awaken on the four hundred and ninetieth. [Laughter]

        Now, we must never give the impression that The Infinite Way is something separate and apart from God or Christ or Buddha. We must never give the impression that we have found a way to get God to do for us what It won’t do for an atheist. We must learn to make it clear that we are not setting up another religion; that we are not claiming anything of a special nature for ourselves except that we have had revealed to us some ancient principles, which operate and which operate in human consciousness without respect of person.

        This may come as news to some of you – I know it doesn’t to all of you – that a man received a very fine healing in this work, and came to us with an offer of ten million dollars to finance a television and radio program without commercials. I do not have to tell you that it was turned down; that it wasn’t even a temptation to accept it. Firstly because I had been invited on to a television program in Chicago, and in one half-hour program broke every record of the Chicago Tribunes station. So that to an extent that they offered us a year with tremendous earnings, and of course, as you might know, presenting this name throughout the nation – of course that wasn’t even considered either. And then, we were offered five million dollars to set up our headquarters in Santa Barbara, California, and to equip it, and this was turned down. We didn’t even take time to meditate about it or to ask God what was His will – I took it for granted that I knew God’s will.

        Now, there were two major reasons and there may have been a thousand minor ones, but we need deal only with the two major ones. The first one is that we have no intention of setting up any such thing as a religion or a teaching separate and apart from that which already exists. In presenting these writings and recordings and our monthly Letter through the channels of writings, published by responsible publishing houses; by the fact that now these are published in American editions, British editions, Dutch, German, and soon French, I feel confident that consciousness is opening to an awareness of these principles and the fruitage of it.

        But there is a second major reason and that is this – tell me what would happen if ten million people tuned in and the next day said, “You said you could heal, now prove it.” I suppose the temptation would be greater if I could say, “Well now I have a thousand students who know these principles so thoroughly that they heal like this.” I might be tempted, but I’m not tempted now. So if you had any idea of making such offers, why just save our time.

        But let me urge this on you. If publishers are going to continue publishing Infinite Way writings; if these books are going to be on public sale in book stores and department stores and as they are now gaining a wider circulation in metaphysical movements; if that is to continue at the same rate of our nineteen fifty-nine sales, then let me tell you that it won’t be a question of my saying, “Won’t you please study these?” Somebody’s going to have to do it. We are already beyond the place where one man can handle it alone, even with the help of the few practitioners that I have.

        At this present moment, it takes me carrying a dictating machine with me, with two secretaries spread wide apart to get the mail answered in one day, and sometimes that isn’t even possible anymore, and it looks as if very soon there’ll have to be a third secretary. Now you just know that that is not the way it is meant to be, because there is a limit even to a nineteen hour working day.

        And so, with the principles as they are being presented to you and to the metaphysical world and to the religious world, in the form that they are, there is no excuse any more for us not developing many, many hundred practitioners to care for the work that is now flooding in upon us. And I may say this to you, that those of our practitioners who are established in the work are in a similar position to mine; they no longer can find time to sleep, and that is not natural.

        Alright, the principles aren’t difficult, if you once can train yourself to read and hear with an unconditioned mind. Don’t try to remember what you knew before, but listen to me, when I tell you this – healing has nothing to do with God; God is infinite Omnipresence, Omnipotence, Omniscience; God is the substance of all being; God is the law unto all being; God constitutes all being; the very Spirit of God is in you. Not only you students of The Infinite Way – you in prison, in hospitals, in atheism, in whatnot. God constitutes your being and God is performing His function in you without your reminding Him, without your bribing Him, without your asking Him.

        You need not pray to God for help; you need not ask God for healing; you need not turn to God. God is already in the midst of you; God already knoweth your needs, and it is His good pleasure to give you the kingdom; Seek not what ye shall eat or what ye shall drink, or wherewithal ye shall be clothed; or whether you shall get rid of rheumatism or not. Leave all this alone, for God is functioning. Before Abraham was, God is functioning, and the promise is: I will never leave you nor forsake you. Why doubt it? So rest then; rest in this that God is, and that God is functioning.


End Part 4