Grace Appears As Form

From – Beyond Words & Thoughts
by Joel Goldsmith
Excerpt-Chapter Nine

Grace Appears As Form

Again I must remind you that turning within can only be for Grace because the moment we think of forms of architecture, amounts of money, or plots for plays, we have lost It. The kingdom of God has none of those things. The only thing that the kingdom of God has is Grace, and as we turn within for Grace, that Grace will appear as the form necessary to our experience.
The only way I can describe it is by remembering my childhood and recalling how my mother would whip up a great big dish of dough, and then when she pressed the dough into different kinds of little tins it came out in the shape of fish, elephants, or birds. We could have as many forms as we had tins, but it was the same dough appearing as those different forms.
We cannot go to God for forms: we cannot ask God to design a house for us, to heal a disease, or to sell our apple pies. We go to God for Grace. This is the substance. If a person is an architect, Grace will appear as the new forms he needs; if he is an artist or a designer, Grace will appear as the skill and the designs; if he is a metaphysician, Grace will appear as healing. Whatever any one of us may need, Grace appears as that form. But for us to go to God to learn how to make apple pies would be a failure because it is not God who knows anything about apple pies or how to make them: it is God’s grace that reveals to us how to make apple pies if that happens to be our need.
When you turn within, turn within for Grace. It makes no difference whether you need health, wealth, or ideas, you go to God only for Grace, and that Grace appears outwardly as the form necessary to your experience. Therefore, if your need today is food, It comes forth as food; if it is transportation, It comes forth as transportation; if it is an idea, It will come forth as an idea. But always remember this, God knows nothing of the form: God knows only Grace.
God knows nothing of health because God knows nothing of the lack of health; therefore, there is no use in going to God for health. But God knows nothing of the opposite of health, either. In God there is neither health nor illness: there is only the perfection of God’s being. Very often students lose the way because they are seeking something through God of which God has no awareness.
When you go within, you go within for a realization of God’s grace, and God’s grace appears to you as health, but God’s grace appears to another person as a new design, whether for a bridge, a house, a dress, a new kind of food, or a new type of transportation. And yet God knows nothing of those things.
God has no knowledge of health; God has no knowledge of wealth. God is Spirit, and the kingdom of God is spiritual. Therefore, when you go to God, you can go only for Grace. God’s grace is your sufficiency in all things, whether it is a sufficiency of health, supply, or talent.

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