Consciousness Unfolding

Excerpt Chapter 9


By Joel Goldsmith

Page 170


        The purpose of this message is to set you free through a spiritual awareness of your oneness with God. If you find your oneness with God, you will need no contact with “man, whose breath is in his nostrils.” This whole message is a statement, or re-statement, of your oneness with God now—with or without material organisation or human contact.

        The Christ is a feeling or recognition of a Presence within your consciousness; It is something that transcends human experience, but which, at the same time, enriches human experience. Christ is a divine reality! It is the power or presence of God, infinite, complete, whole. It is part of your consciousness. Actually, it may constitute the whole of your consciousness, depending upon the degree of your unfoldment. It is beyond description in human terms.

        Christ is a presence and power beyond your human ability to realise. It can be discerned only through your developed spiritual sense, because it takes something far greater than the brain or intellect to perceive the Christ. It takes spiritual awareness, spiritual alertness, and that comes in proportion as the world means less and less to you. The coming of the Christ makes this world, the world of concept, an unreality. It decreases dependence on anything in the realm of things or of thoughts.

        The Christ is Spirit. It is that Spirit which transcends things and thoughts. In the presence of the Christ, it is not necessary to entertain a thought. And yet that same Christ fills us with thoughts emanating from the infinite Intelligence, the infinite Wisdom, the divine Love that is really the centre of our being. Christ is the healing influence in our experience. Christ is the saving influence. Christ is the guiding, directing, maintaining, and sustaining influence in our experience—and all without our taking a thought. “Which of you by taking thought can add to his stature one cubit?… [Or can] make one hair white or black?”

        In the degree, then, that you are able to transcend human thinking and look through the world of appearances, feeling little or no sense of hate, love, or fear for it or from it, or dependence upon it, in that degree, are you entertaining the Christ is your consciousness.