Sowing and Reaping

IW Morsel – We Build Our Life

We build our life in consciousness by the nature of that which occupies our thoughts. As we live this minute, this minute extends itself forward into time and space, carrying with it the quality with which we have imbued this minute.

From- A Parenthesis In Eternity
By Joel Goldsmith

From – A Parenthesis In Eternity
By Joel Goldsmith
Excerpt Chap. 5–

Sowing and Reaping


Our conscious oneness with God constitutes our oneness with every spiritual being and idea. That means that we are one, and as we love our neighbor as ourselves and act toward the other person somewhat in the same way that we would like to be acted toward, in that degree are we setting spiritual law in operation.DSC04682
The responsibility of a spiritual student is great. No one else has quite the same responsibility as do those of us on the mystical path, because we cannot rely on the hope of most Christians that Jesus’ dying on the Cross will save us from all the penalties for our sins, or that our minister, the confessional, the mass, the church attendance will take away our burden. We cannot lean on any system or person.
Knowing the truth, following spiritual principles, sowing to the Spirit instead of the flesh—only this will bring our regeneration, resurrection, renewal, and finally our ascension above all materiality. In that exalted state of consciousness even the karmic law of good ceases to operate in our experience, because in the recognition that we are never the actor or the doer, but that only God is acting and doing through us, we have stopped sowing. Karmic law is then forever nullified

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