Lifting up the I (1/7)

Infinite Way Letter
1964 – November
Aka – Realization of Oneness
By Joel Goldsmith
Part 1 of 7

Lifting Up the I
There is no one mode, means, method, or system which can correctly be called metaphysical or spiritual healing. In fact, there are as many different approaches to spiritual healing as there are in materia medica with its allopathy, homeopathy, osteopathy, chiropractic, and naprapathy, all different forms of materia medica.
In the world of metaphysical and spiritual healing, there are the evangelists who, by the grace of God, have received some special state of consciousness through which they heal without knowing how, why, or wherefore. For the most part, they do not have the slightest idea of any principle involved in healing; they only know that healings do take place, sometimes through the spoken word and sometimes through the laying on of hands. Apparently, it is something that is just a part of their being, something that has come to them at a particular period in their life, and something over which they have no control.
Then there are those approaches to healing which employ mental means and, by suggestion, attempt to change a diseased or evil condition into a good one. There are also methods which attempt to combine the mental and the spiritual.
A person who has had any experience with other forms of metaphysical or spiritual healing and decides to practice healing through Infinite Way healing principles may have to unlearn most of what he has previously known in order to grasp these principles, and if he encounters difficulty on the way it is probably because he has not yet unlearned enough.
An Understanding of Immortality, Basic to Healing
The Infinite Way begins with an infinite, ever present, omnipotent God. Its premise is that there is no imperfection in any part of God or of God’s creation, none whatsoever! God is perfect being, and so, therefore, is God’s creation. No one was ever born, and no one will ever die; no one ever had a beginning, and no one will ever have an ending.
One way to understand the continuity of life is through the word “I.” This I, which is our identity, is actually coexistent with God. It is the eternal part of our being. It has no knowledge of birth or death. It is that part of our being which has existed for billions of years, and will continue to exist without interruption for many more billions of years. As long as there is God, there will be a “you” and a “me” because we are one with God: “I and my Father are one,” and not two. The I which I am and the I which is God are one and the same I, and therefore, I is immortal.
Very often, when we think of immortality, we think of life beyond the grave, but we do not stop to realize that if there is any truth to immortality it must also mean life before birth. We cannot be immortal if we have a life that ever began: immortality is from everlasting to everlasting. God can no more begin than He can end, and if God and I are one, the I of me, in that oneness, has never begun and will never end.
Our identity remains intact, spiritual and perfect, not only after the grave, but is was so even before we were born. Our life from the cradle to the grave is that experience which has been likened to a parenthesis, but when the parenthesis is removed we live in the full circle if immortality. It is true that while we may be aware of ourselves as living only in this particular parenthesis, slowly or rapidly moving from birth to death, actually it is possible for this parenthesis to be removed and for us to become aware of our true identity as one with the entire circle of life and its immortality and eternality.
Once we can realize ourselves, as I, separate and apart from personality, separate and apart from a physical body, as I, the incorporeal, spiritual I, we will have the secret of the eternality and immortality of life: without beginning, without birth; without ending, without death.
Since the I that God is and the I that we are, are one, we can understand that the infinite perfection of God is the infinite perfection of our being. “Son, thou are ever with me, and all that I have is thine.” This does not refer to material things: dollar bills, bank accounts, property, fur coats, or automobiles. “All that I have” means all the immortality, spirituality, integrity, all the life, all the perfection, all the holiness of God. All that is of God is of you and of me because the I of you and of me and the I of God are one and the same I, and all the qualities of God are the qualities of spiritual, eternal, immortal man: of you and of me.
This is the premise in Infinite Way healing work, and if we want to heal, we must first of all remind ourselves of this truth. We must be conscious of the truth that the I of you and of me and the I of God are one, and all that constitutes the I of God constitutes the I of you and of me, for we are forever one with the Father. All that is of God is ours: all the immortality, eternality, spiritual perfection, harmony, peace justice, infinity.
End Part 1

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