From – The Contemplative Life
By Joel Goldsmith

Our students dare not forget for a single day that whatever transpires in their experience comes as an activity of their own consciousness, and therefore it is essential that there be a constant reminder of God as the one and only Power, the conviction that power is not in person or effect, but only in the invisible consciousness of the individual.

Because of mesmeric world sense, we must regularly bring to conscious awareness the understanding of these revealed principles. By a neglect of these principles, we unknowingly accept the problems of human existence. On the other hand, by a conscious remembrance that God is the only power and that there is no power in effect, we dispel the illusory belief in two powers and its activity.

In order to build a consciousness of truth, all Infinite Way students should know the following passages as well as they know their own names:

The New Horizon from The Infinite Way

God Is One from Living The Infinite Way

Protection from The 1955 Infinite Way Letters

Break the Fetters That Bind You from The 1958 Infinite Way Letters

Contemplation Develops the Beholder from The Contemplative Life

Introduction & Love Thy Neighbor from Practicing the Presence

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