The Deep Pool of Your Being (6/6)

The Deep Pool of Your Being

The Ninth Commandment

The Ninth commandment, “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor,” is a Cosmic Law, but what does it mean? Certainly this does not mean that we are just not to spread rumors and gossip about our neighbor, but that we are not to hold our neighbor in humanhood. If you say, “I have a fine neighbor,” you are bearing false witness against him just as much as if you said, “I have a very bad neighbor,” because you are acknowledging a state of humanhood, sometimes good and sometimes bad, but never spiritual.

To bear false witness against your neighbor is to declare that he is human, that he is finite, that he has failings, that he is something less than the very Son of God, and so we violate Cosmic Law every time we acknowledge humanhood. Ever time we acknowledge him to be other than the Son of God we are bearing false witness against him.

In the violation of that Cosmic Law we bring about our own punishment. God does not punish us—we punish ourselves, because if I say, “You are poor,” I virtually say, “I am poor.” There is only one I and one Selfhood, and whatever truth I know about you is the truth about me. If I accept the belief of poverty in the world, that reflects itself upon me. If I say, “You are sick,” or “You are unkind,” I am accepting that there is a quality apart from God, a being apart from God, an activity apart from God, and in that way I am condemning myself, because there is but one Self, and ultimately I am punished by my own conviction—bearing false witness against my neighbor.

We come to a place of not bearing false witness against our neighbor when we come to the realization that the Christ is our neighbor; that our neighbor is a spiritual being, the Son of God, just as we are. He may not know it, and you may not entirely know it, but the truth is, I am Spirit, I am Soul, I am Consciousness. I am the very manifestation, the very expression of God, and so are you and so is your neighbor, whether he is good or bad, friend or enemy, next door or across the seas.

Cosmic Law is revealed throughout scripture, and in the Sermon on the Mount  (Matt. 5,6,7,) the Master gave us a guide and code of human conduct to follow while training and developing ourselves to Spiritual or Cosmic Consciousness. The Infinite Way does not deal with good humanhood, in and of itself, nor is it a correction of one’s human conduct. It deals entirely with understanding the spiritual values of reality; in the adoption of a spiritual code which automatically results in good humanhood. Good humanhood is just a natural consequence of spiritual identification. It would be impossible to understand that Christ is the Soul, the Life of individual being, and then quarrel with your neighbor or slander him. We place all of our faith, trust and confidence in the Infinite Invisible, and we are not considering human circumstances or conditions. Then, when we do come to human circumstances and conditions, we see them in their true relationship. When we say, “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself,” we are not speaking of human love or affection or friendliness: we are holding our neighbor in spiritual identity, and later we come to see how that is carried out in the human picture.

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