By Joel Goldsmith Part 2 of 4

I had an experience with a man in Boston when I was a Christian Science practitioner, many, many years ago. And this man had been all over the town to be healed of something or other, and no one had been able to heal him. And he finally heard of me and came to me. And he told me a story and he told me of all the practitioners and teachers who had tried to heal him and they’d all failed. And then he went on to explain to me what a very good Christian Scientist he was. He never missed a service and he ushered and he did literature distribution work. And he was at every single meeting of the church, and oh, he did the lesson every day. And with all his goodness, he couldn’t be healed. And then this divine inspiration was given to me. And I said to him, “Why do you go to church so regularly. What do you do there?” “Oh, I go there to hear Truth, to learn more.” “You do? You mean after all the years you’ve studied these books you don’t know what’s in them? Is there still something that you’re going to learn? You only have these two books, the “Bible” and “Science and Health”. And you’ve been reading them and doing the lessons for all these years, and you still believe there is more for you to go over there and learn?” “Well, yes, I thought so.” “Well, when, when in your life do you start giving out what you have already learned?” Well, that was an idea that had never come into his mind, that there was going to be a time when he’d have to give out what he had taken in. And I said, “Now let’s change this program, and from now on don’t go to church to get and don’t go to church to receive, but go over there knowing that since you have been reading the books all of these years, you have something to give. You have some spiritualized consciousness to give. You have some knowledge of Truth to give. You have a treatment to give for all those who may be new or beginners, who do not yet know what Truth is. Go over there and pray for them. Pray that God open their eyes, pray that they behold the vision of the Christ. Pray, pray. Give, give, give. You’ve been taking in all of these years, unbottle it, give it out.” And just in one week, that man was healed. And he didn’t get any treatments. There weren’t treatments needed. The treatments he needed was the self treatment of giving, giving, open out, give. And so it is whether we are holding back money in the thought that we have too little, or whether we are holding back service or devotion, or whether we are holding back gratitude or forgiveness, be assured of this, we are holding back if we are lacking. Because there is no such thing in the heavenly Kingdom as “getting”. You are already the Child of God, and if a child, then an heir, and if an heir, you are heir to all the heavenly riches; and, “Son, thou art ever with Me, and all that I have is thine.”

And another thing, have you accepted the teaching of the Master that I have meat the world knows not of, or are you still looking outside for more to be added unto you? Now until you begin understand that every word that the Master spoke was a lesson to us, you never will understand the New Testament. Until you understand that the Master’s only purpose in teaching was to reveal to us the Truth of Being, which we should know; “Ye shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free;” and He was teaching us the Truth that we should know. What is the Truth? “I have meat….,” now what advantage would there have been if He’d have said, “I have meat the world knows not of, but you haven’t.” What good would He have been as a Way-shower if He wasn’t showing us our Way? And so it is, you have to read the Master’s teaching as if you were a student of His and He was your teacher. And He is saying to you, “I have meat the world knows not of,” meaning you have meat the world knows not of, or, “I will never leave thee nor forsake thee.” Now just imagine, if it were possible for you to walk around this city, holding the hand of Jesus Christ, would you still be looking for something else beside that? Would you be expecting still more good than that? Or would you not feel….oh, no, that’s as much as I can handle in one lifetime, to walk around these streets holding on to the hand of Jesus Christ walking beside me. Will you have something more important than that? You have the Christ, which was in Him. The same mind that was in Christ Jesus is in you. And It is saying to you, “I will never leave you nor forsake you. I will be with you unto the end of the world. I am your meat and wine and water. I am Life eternal, your Life eternal. I am the resurrection.” And so it is, when you learn to turn within and realize, “Just think, that I that Jesus spoke of is within me. And that I has meat the world knows not of, in fact, that I is the meat and the wine and the water, and the resurrection and the Life eternal. I, in the midst of me, is all of That. And here I am walking the street with the fullness of the Christ within me, and claiming a lack without. No, the reason for lack is the belief that supply must come to us from without, instead of understanding that supply must flow out from us, from within our own being.

We start out every morning with the infinite Storehouse of God, pouring Itself out into expression. And all we have to do throughout the day is be sure that we give out enough, and take no thought about what shall come in. Our entire thought must be how much giving out can there be. And even though we can only give out pennies or nickels or dimes, at least let us give that and do it joyously. And then look around for the other things, the forgiveness that we must give out, the praying for others that we must do, the loving of our neighbors as we would love ourselves. And remember that all of this is giving, all of this is supply, all of this is Something you have in your house and It must flow out from you. “House” means consciousness. What have you in your consciousness; a little more love, a little more gratitude, a little more service, a little more joy. And you see that’s one of the reasons asking God for anything, after God has already given us His own infinite Being; “Son, all that I have is thine;” is a waste of time. “We arrive at the place where one desire is only the Presence of God realized. ‘Ask and it shall be given you’ is now bothersome, except that the asking need be for the holy Spirit which would interpret Itself as the thing needed, is this correct?” You see it is correct, indeed, it is, as long as we are desiring only the realization of God, the Kingdom of God, as long as we are desiring only an inner communion with God, as long as we are desiring only to tabernacle with God, to walk with God, to serve God. That is the only asking that is necessary. And then the Spirit, in Its own way, fulfills us, and always in accord with our immediate need. “In the practice of healing is it wrong to make one’s mind a blank in order to eliminate error from consciousness?” I have heard it is dangerous. As a matter of fact, it’s not dangerous, it’s impossible. There isn’t anyone that can make one’s mind a blank. It has been tried by experts. It has been tried by people for centuries. No one yet has accomplished it. Now, the mind automatically becomes still, and without thought; you can’t do that but it can be brought about by you; and that is in the way that I gave at our first Class session, through contemplative meditation. As you go through the processes of contemplative meditation, keeping your mind stayed on God, thinking of God and God’s Grace, and God’s Omnipotence, Omnipresence, Omniscience, gradually you come to the end of thinking. And then for twenty, thirty, forty, fifty seconds, you find yourself completely without a thought. You haven’t blanked your mind. You mind has come to the end of its thinking process for a moment, and enables you to rest in a complete silence from thought. It doesn’t last long, sometimes one second, two seconds, ten seconds, and then you are back. But, those few seconds were really enough to bring healing of any nature.

End Part 2