The Mystical I

The talks of Joel S Goldsmith that comprise the book “The Mystical I” are being presented here, one by one. In the part below you see the YouTube images that will lead you to all these talks. Just click on them if you want to listen to them.

What is “The Mystical I”? The book is a workbook for you, it is full of exercises and instructions. Very joyful ones. Here is an example in this excerpt:

It makes no difference what your past life has been, or what your present life is, up to the moment of admitting the Christ. Do not be concerned or worried about your past mistakes, errors, or sins; they are not being counted against you. For each person, as the Christ enters, the past no longer exists: past sins are forgiven and wiped out, along with the penalty for them, and a new day begins. “Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow.” Therefore do not burden yourself with guilt complexes. Make whatever form of restitution or expression of regret is possible for any past offense, but then drop it. Drop it!

The comfort in these words is basically unlimited. It can easily bring you home. This is just one paragraph. Unlimited healing power.

If you want to read the book download it here:

pdf-49px The Mystical I





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