audios-2016The live recordings presented here are recordings (approx. 1 hour per recording) of live seminars held all over the world. These classes are recordings from 1950 until his passing (1964).

Instruction by listening:

  • The words you will hear come out of Joel’s mouth are pointing in one direction, it is an invitation to join
  • This talk you listen to comes to life in you, let yourself be effected by it, it is your way to extend.
  • Try to join with the source of where the words you hear, come from.
  • Open to the bright frequency of your Christ Mind
  • If you feel resistance, just let that be and relax and open up again..

Welcome home!


In order to listen to the audio’s of Joel S. Goldsmith you can do three things:

  1. Go to the website and order the mp3, cd, audio cassette.
  2. Become a member of the closed  Iwihub,com Facebook group
  3. Go to YouTube and listen to the audio’s, see down below:

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