Meet Jasha

My name is Jasha Salter

I began my study of Joel in 1986 in Los Angeles.  I was a young mother, with a husband, career, and three young children. My teacher, Will Hoff,  taught me the importance of meditation and the non-edited, original materials. After a number of years, he asked me to create the 1959 Hawaiian Series Outline. I had a background in academics and he trusted me. With the approval of Geri MacDonald, we completed it and it is one of my dearest achievements.

In addition there are several other titles which I published with the help of a dear, dear student. Older students had given me original copies and we knew we needed to share them.
They are available from
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Over the years I have taught classes, held retreats, and now have Sunday Meetings to study the Monthly Letter and meditation.   I am very excited about the opportunity to share these and other original materials with students from around the world.

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