Practitioner Training

The practitioner training is available for everyone that has experiences of Oneness and healing yourself. It comes from a deep inner calling and knowing. To come into the certainty of “demonstrating” Oneness and extending the Love that you are, by honestly discovering where you find yourself, is what this training is for.

Part 1:
It is a one-on-one training as a first phase of the training because of it’s very personal, intimate nature. To get use to the idea of a very honest sharing of your experiences so far and your “drive” to do this. And above all, discover the curriculum of this training is given by you Holy Spirit. (approx. 3 hrs. one-on-one, suggested donation $50)

Practitioner Training part 1

The suggested donation for this training is $50. for approx 3 hrs of one-on-one contact.


Part 2:
Vision of Oneness, Miracles and your Purpose. The practice of being the Light of the world on a moment by moment basis.

Part 3:
Hands-on how does it work

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