Wim is available for the services presented here. He offers healing and transformational coaching world wide, on a daily basis. By listening with his heart and extending the Love through him, you join with him in the recognition of Source, the Love that created you!

The services -inspired by the Love that created you and will recognize as your own.


Practitioner Training I

Practitioner Training I is an opportunity for healing. In three times one hour (one-on-one) sessions you receive a “boost” for your spiritual awakening.

3 x 1 hour sessions (suggested. donation $100)

Miracle healing

Join with me in this moment of recognition of your true Identity. Light dispels darkness. Where is guilt, depression and anxiety when you recognize you are as God created you.

25-40 minute session (suggested donation $25)

coaching Transformation

A provision for regaining clarity of your sole- purpose. The Light has come! What is preventing me from choosing only love? My ideas about myself. Your opportunity to return to Love by letting these ideas be undone for you. By your request you receive an audio recording of the session.

50 minute session (suggested donation $50)

Quiet Healing Moment

In Stillness I receive God’s word today. Some of us love to meet in quiet. We come together in the Light of Stillness. During our holy instant we receive the healing for ourselves.

20- 30 minute session (suggested donation $25)

Coaching Personal Development

In this coaching session you have the possibility of 

  • discovering the power of integrity by letting what you say, think and do be one and the same
  • bringing to the table a situation that you ‘carry’ with you and want to be released from
  • coming to a clear insight what the ‘natural’ next step is for you
  • to be completely honest
  • getting in touch with your authenticity

50 minute session

(Suggested donation is $75)



Donation Services

Thank you so much for your support!!