The transformational coaching involves meetings of about 40 minutes. From meeting in the present moment the gift that is presented will be unwrapped. Simply joining in this moment and honestly expressing what is given as opportunity to come to an all inclusive recognition of everything that Is.


Everyone experiences in the awakening moments, that you really need help to get through certain episodes. It is good to recognize this. Iwihub provides coaching and guidance to the one’s that want to receive help with this.

Whether you were with Christian Science for 20 years or did the Infinite Way for decades or know all the lessons of A course in Miracles by heart, it doesn’t matter. What are you experiencing now? This is a new time and a new place. Ask for the help that you need.

  • You have been meditating a while but are “struggling” with it
  • You feel you are stuck in your spiritual development and don’t know if you should go outward or inward.
  • You experience conflicts you don’t seem to be able to “get rid off” on your path of enlightenment and want to be guided
  • You want  your transformation to be speeded up and think you need an “older” brother
  • You think your meditation isn’t effective
  • Your situation or circumstances that you like to share and have guidance about.
  • …you name it.


This service is free of charge. Donations gratefully accepted!


Coaching Sessions

Thank you for your support! Suggested donation $20


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