Awakening to the reality of Who you are can really show you the Passion of your Creative Mind. One of the ways this can come to expression is poetry. Another way is photography. In the poems that are presented you will see an melting together of these two ways of expression.

The invitation for you is to sit back and let yourself be melted by this inner poetry and visual intimacy.

A word from the poet:

When I was handed Joel’s book “The Mystical I” by a beautiful soul, I was intrigued.
The infinite way? At the time it suggested to me a path of infinite possibility and as such I opened up to this.

I melted into Joel’s language and then somebody else’s words seem to be coming through me.
As I died daily to my sense of small self, a inner voice started to speak.
Such a strong presence and insistence to write everything down without having to understand what it was I was communicating.
So I did and this is what came 
and continues to come through. 
The words or stories initially appear to be for me as sometimes they very personal but quite quickly they are to be let go and given away to anyone that is near enough for me to do so!
Much to their hilarity.
It is a universal communication which speaks through Me to speak to You.

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