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Although there are many transcripts already made of the talks of Joel S. Goldsmith, there are still some really great talks that are not transcribed yet. If you want to try to make one, please contact me by filling in the form below. I will send you the talk as mp3 and give you instructions of how to make them. If you have any suggestions (like software etc.) that you think might be helpful to everyone please communicate it.

Thank you

To make a transcript is:

  • like meditation and contemplation at the same time.
  • You take time to bring the words into this world, a great service (to yourself)
  • You enter deep in and beyond the words from Joel
  • a very intimate happening, the words are ‘connected’ to you

Tapes STATUS: 31st July 2017:

486A Christ Ascended FINISHED
1000B Principles of Gratitude  FINISHED

241B    Let God Reach You In Progress
424A    Meditation and its Function In Progress
178B Living Daily by Meditation In Progress
30B Atmosphere Treatment & Prayer In Progress
8803-1 Key to Heaven In Progress
243B    New Life By Grace In Progress
423B Invisible Life Fulfills Itself In progress
244A Overcoming the World In Progress
628A The Secret Companionship in Progress
244B Spiritual Sabbath In Progress
450A Freedom by Grace In Progress
346A Fabric of transformed Conciousness In Progress
306B Attaining Healing Consciousness In Progress
301A Contemplative Meditation on Grace In Progress
321B The Way of Prayer In Progress
617B Our Infinity Through God In Progress
617A True Identity In Progress

Tapes that need a transcript are:

256A Know Thyself; Nature of Demonstration
48B God is
183A Fruits of the Art of Meditation
627A Meditation on Prayer of Non resistance
521A Rising to Consciousness
497B Reality and Concepts
33A Living Divine Sonship

>much more to follow


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