“I have the Grace of God…
All that the Father hath is mine… I
have been given MY peace… I have
been given quietness, and confidence,
and stillness… The Father
hath breathed His Life into
me—therefore, I have God’s life,
which is eternal Life, immortal
Life… I have that mind, which was
also in Christ Jesus… I bring to
this room; I bring to my home; I
bring to my family; I bring to my
business; I bring to my students; I
bring to my patients—that mind
which was in Christ Jesus.”

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Thank God. I ask nothing of any

man except that we love one another.

I ask only the privilege of

sharing, God’s All-ness, which is

already mine. By right of divine

Sonship—I am heir of God to all

the heavenly riches. Why should I

look to man whose breath is in his

nostril for anything?

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“Thank you Father, that

Thy Grace is upon me. Thank you

Father, that you have given me Thy

peace… If I have any hope or confidence

or faith—Thou hast give nit

to me. Of my own self I could not

have faith, or hope, or confidence.

Whatever measure: of peace, hope,

faith, confidence I have—is the Gift

of the Father within me. Thank

thee Father for Thy Grace, for Thy

peace, for Thy abundance.”

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Joel Goldsmith’s Meditation on Body Each Day, p.112 Spiritual Healing.


 “My body has neither qualities nor quantities of good or of evil.  It has

 Neither sickness nor health, is neither large nor small, has neither life

 nor death: My body is the temple of God, God-substance expressed as form and

embodying and including all the qualities and quantities which constitute

 God, the I am, the Soul.

 My body has neither youth nor age. It is as ancient as God and as young as

 each new day.

My body is not governed by laws of matter or of mind, but by the grace of

 God for ‘Thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory.’

 God is the light of my body. In my body is neither material darkness nor

 mental ignorance, for God unfolds, discloses and reveals Himself as body –

 as temple, a place of holiness and peace.

God’s grace sustains His body, which my body is.”

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Another Name

by Joel S. Goldsmith

“Aloneness” has been granted me
Whether on Bishop Street at noon,
Or Kalakaua;
On Waikiki at sunset,
On the sands at Kailua,
Before dawn,
I am alone.
I walk alone in crowds
And feel the solitary Self
In the moonlight on the beach.

“Aloneness” has been granted me.
To walk with men,
To fly the skies,
And sail the seas,
Wherever heart is raised to Him–
I walk alone.
At heat of day,
Or cool of eve,
On shore or city street,
The yearning Soul receives by Aloneness.

The sick are healed.
The restless are forgiven.
Alone, yet in the hearts
Of those who long for peace.
The restless feel my Aloneness;
The hungry eat it;
The thirsty drink it;
It washes the impure minds
Of those who do not know,
Touching the mind with Light.

“Aloneness” has been granted me.
Alone I sit behind the prison wall’
I pace the sickroom floor;
Wherever danger threatens,
My aloneness breaks the spell.
Where misery loves company,
My aloneness they may share.

Alone, I wake, and walk, and sleep–
Alone, I sit or stand.
Alone, I travel sea and sky
And sometimes till the land.
Alone, I walk and talk with men
Or stroll the shady lane.
“Aloneness” has been granted me
Wherever you may be.

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Joel’s Meditation – I Am Listening

The italicized portions of the book are spontaneous meditations which have come to the Joel during periods of uplifted consciousness and not in any sense intended to be used as affirmations, denials, or formulas. They serve as examples of the free flowing of the Spirit. As the reader practices the Presence, he, too, in his exalted moments, will receive ever-new and fresh inspirations as the outpouring of the Spirit.

People of any nation can be saved, or any race, or any family, if they have learned to pray and to open themselves so that the Voice can speak within them – direct them, lead them, guide them, feed them, clothe them, house them:

Here I am, Father, listening for Your voice. My inner ears are open. I have no requests, no demands, no hopes, no ambitions. I do not ask You to do anything You are not already doing. I await Your word of grace. I am the servant of the most High.


From – The Art of Spiritual Healing
By Joel Goldsmith
Prayer page 31

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