40 Day Meditation

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The meditations are  from the “How To Heal” ~ 40 Daily Meditations, an Iwihub.com ebook in the making. Derived from Joel S. Goldsmith’s amazing talk How to Heal part 1 – 4,  in 1958.

Transcripts made by Zane Maser, proofread by Linda Quiring
Synopsis of the Principles by Eunice Lee.
Formatting in “Daily Meditations” by  Wim Haverkamp
Iwihub.com 2017

I and the Father are One

The truth about every man, woman, and child that exists on the face
of the globe, saint or sinner, is that in our spiritual identity,
I and my Father are One.

There is not God and man.
There is not God and you.
There is God expressed individually as you and me.
God appears on earth as individual being.
The life, which is God, is your individual life.
The mind, which is God, is your mind.
The soul, which is God, is your soul.
The spirit of God is the spirit of man and even
your body is the temple of the living God.

I and my Father are One,
and the Father says, “Son, thou art ever with me, and all that I have is thine.”
God is expressed as individual being, and all that the Father hath is manifested right here.

The kingdom of God is within me.

If I desire anything at all, I go right here.
If I seek the healing light, or consciousness, I must turn within.

The kingdom of God is within me.

I must turn within, and I must let it come into manifestation or expression,
because in our humanhood, our Christhood is locked up inside of us.

My task then is to find an inner peace,
an inner commune-ion with that which we call the Father within,
to get so quiet,
so still with that listening ear
that sooner or later
I can feel something released.
You may see it as a deep breath,
as if I were doing that, and that’s what sometimes happens
a deep breath.
At other times, it is like a release,
as if weights fell off my shoulders
and all of a sudden I was released from the strain
of my own thinking or humanhood.
Sometimes, we experience a feeling at the solar plexus—a warmth.
Sometimes, it may be that the hands feel warm.
All of these things are effects, and they’re relatively unimportant.
How you feel the presence of God is just an individual experience within you,
and you may feel it in an entirely different way than I do.

Meditation 3:
Go Out and Make Peace With Your Brother

Your neighbor need not have the same experience as you,
and yet both of you may be having the same experience
of the same realization of the presence of God but felt,
experienced in different ways.
Pay no attention to how others feel the presence of God.
If Jesus says,
“It is the Father within me,”
and you can’t feel any Father in you,
then be satisfied that Jesus was explaining the presence of God as Father.
But, if St. Paul comes along and says that it is the Christ,
“I can do all things through the Christ in me,”
then let Paul have it as the Christ instead of as the Father.
He means the same thing. He’s using different terminology.

Now, with this in mind, I tell you one of the great laws of prayer
given to us by the man who knew more about prayer
than perhaps any individual of whom we have any record
and that is Christ Jesus.

When you pray, if you remember that you have aught against any man, get up.
Leave the altar.
Go out and make peace with your brother.
And then, return to the altar and offer your gifts.
You will find after experience that you will not have answers
to your prayers until you have purged yourself
of negative feelings toward anyone on the face of the earth,
that is, your neighbor or your brother.

Meditation 4:
Love Thy Neighbor As Thyself

When you sit down to pray,
whether for yourself or others,
whether you are starting treatment for someone else,
always begin by getting still within and then consciously remembering
“I and my Father are one,”
and since this is a universal relationship, all men are one with God.

Therefore, all men are in the bosom of the Father
and no one, no one is separate or apart from God.
Not that all men realize this relationship,
but that isn’t your business what the other fellow realizes.

Your business is what you feel towards your neighbor
“love thy neighbor as thyself.”

How do you want to be loved?
You want to be forgiven for your sins.
There isn’t a person who doesn’t want complete forgiveness
for every sin or offense that they have ever committed.
Not one.
Not one of you wouldn’t gladly receive a divine light
saying to you that as of this moment,
though your sins were scarlet,
you are white as snow.
And that no offense, minor nature or major nature,
is being held against thee.
Henceforth, from now on, neither do I condemn thee.
Go and sin no more.
Wouldn’t you rejoice at that?
So will your neighbor,
who is your friend,
your relative,
your enemy.

Meditation 5:
Love is the Fulfilling of the Law

In this moment of spiritual communion,
I have no envy in my heart.
I have no desires in my heart.
No jealousy,
no greed,
no lust,
no animality.
I set this world free.
There’s nothing it has that I want.
Since I and the Father are one,
I receive my good by the grace of God.
And whatever good should flow into me and out from me,
I freely give to all, to every neighbor, friend, or foe.

Now, if you have purged yourself
to that extent and can honestly feel
that you have released anyone and everyone,
then you are ready for your prayers
to reach the center of your being,
because there is no obstruction.
Scripture tells us that love is the fulfilling of the law.
So, don’t try to get the law to operate
in the absence of love, and
Love means forgiveness.
Love means forbearance.
Love means to be inwardly clean;
clean of hate, jealousy, envy, malice, greed
all of these negative, minor qualities.

It may not be possible to go through an entire day
or night with some of these negative qualities creeping in on us.
That is why we have become human beings instead of
still being back in the Garden of Eden.

But, we can purge ourselves twice a day and three times a day
so that we can look every man and woman in the face
and say I have released you into the realization of your God being.

I know that you and the Father are one
and all that the Father hath is yours.

Meditation 6
I am Life Eternal

The first and the starting point for all healing work is this.

Since I and the Father are One,
I am Spirit.
I am life eternal.
I am truth.

There is not truth and me.
There is not life and me.
There is not soul and me.
There is not God and me.

Be still and know.
I in the midst of me is God.
I in the midst of me is the very presence and power of God—the Father within.

I, and there is only one I,
only one I in all this world,
only one ego infinitely manifested as you and as me.
One infinite, eternal I.
One Selfhood.
And therefore, I am Spirit.
I am life eternal.

I embody within myself the qualities and properties of God by the very nature of my being, which is the offspring of God, or child of God, or Christ of God.

Meditation 7
All That The Father Has Is Mine

Of myself, I am nothing.
I am as a branch that is cut off from the tree and withereth.
Of my own self I can do nothing.
If I speak of myself I bear witness to a lie.

But in my relationship as child of God,
offspring of God,
I am of the Substance,
the same law,
the same life,
the same activity.

Otherwise, by the grace of God all that the Father hath is mine. I am heir with God, joint heir with Christ to all the heavenly riches.
Therefore, I embody and I embrace within myself immortality,
eternality, spirituality, integrity,
life itself,
the joy of living,
the peace that passeth understanding.
I embody these;
I embrace these within myself, and so do you.

This is the truth I must know about my patient and about my student. God isn’t going to make you spiritual or whole. Thou art whole, for thou and thy Father are One, and all that the Father hath is thine. Do not pray for help. Acknowledge your Sonship and that by the grace of God all that the Father hath is thine, and you’ll awaken into harmony.

Meditation 8
I Have Meat

Now in the same way, the Master says the disciplines are fearful, because he hasn’t eaten lunch. Shall we go to the city and buy thee some meat?

No, I have meat the world knows not of.
What meat did the Master have?
The Word of God was his meat and his substance,
the Will of God, the life of God that he has.

And so, when your patient or student says,
“shall I borrow some money to get past this experience?
Or shall I steal some money to get past this experience or…?”
No, no.
Don’t go anywhere for anything.
Remain where you are,
and acknowledge I have meat the world knows not of,
and if you are patient,
you will find that everything you need will work its way right to your doorstep.

Only acknowledge that you have no lack, for to him that hath not shall be taken away even the little that he hath, and the moment you say I have lack of health, lack of vision, lack of spirit, lack of supply, even the little that you have you’ll find fading from you. But to him that hath shall be given. Therefore, acknowledge I have meat.

Whether you’re speaking of health, whether you’re speaking of inspiration, whether you’re speaking of companionship, whether you’re speaking of supply, declare, “I have meat. I am the bread of life,” not I need bread, not I need companionship, not I need supply.

Meditation 9
I Am The Bread Of Life

I am the bread of life.
All that the Father hath is mine.
I am the bread of life.
I am the wine of inspiration.

In other words, I include, I embody, I embrace within my very self the meat, the wine, the water, the everything of life.

By living in this consciousness,
secretly and sacredly,

Always remembering the Sixth Chapter of Matthew:

“Take heed that you do not your alms before men, to be seen of them.
Otherwise, ye have no reward of your Father, which is in heaven. Therefore, when thou doest thine alms, do not sound a trumpet before thee as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets that they may have the glory of men. Verily, I say unto you they have their reward. But when thou doest alms, let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth that thine alms may be in secret and thy Father would see it in secret Himself shall reward thee openly. And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets that they may be seen of men. Verily, I say unto you, they have their reward. But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father, which is in secret and thy Father who seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.”

Meditation 10
Right here within my own being

Right here within my own being is the Father within me,
and this Father knows what thoughts I have.
This Father knows the meditations of my heart.
This Father knows whether or not I act from a standpoint of purity,
or self-interest,
or hypocrisy,
and let me never believe that I can fool Him.

You are being heard and answered.
Once you get used to this idea of the relationship
of an indwelling spirit,
Father, or

you learn to mold every thought and deed in accord with Its Will.

When you pray in secret,
I and this Father within me are One,
and all that the Father hath is mine.
It is my gift; it is my inheritance;
it is my Father’s good pleasure to give me the kingdom,
and therefore,
I need not look to any man whose breath is in his nostril.
I need not look to anyone for
reward, compensation, gratitude, cooperation, affection.
No. No, all that the Father hath is mine,
and my heavenly Father knoweth that I have need of these things,
and it is his good pleasure to give me the kingdom.

Meditation 11
I am an Instrument of God

As I abide in the Kingdom,
then it is that through others my good comes to me.
It isn’t from them.
The Father is using them as an instrument,
the same as the Father is using me.
Whatever benefit you get from my being here,
you are not getting from me.
You are getting from your Father,
because it was to your Father that you turned for light,
and it is your Father that is answering in this way,
and I am merely an instrument
through which your prayers are answered.

Long before you knew there was an Infinite Way or long before you knew there was a Joel Goldsmith, you were praying for truth. You were praying for light. You weren’t praying to me, and you weren’t praying to the Infinite Way, you were praying to God, and it is God that is answering your prayer, and I just happen to be an instrument.

Meditation 12
You are Self-complete in God.

This is the truth you must know about your Self,
but then this is the same truth that you will know
when those come to you for help or healing.
Always you will know that I—they—and the Father are One,
and you will know their fullness and their completeness,
and you will know it silently and secretly,
and you will know the same truth,
even if you know their human history,
even if you know humanly they are sinners,
even if you know that humanly that they are nasty and mean.
That will not change you,
because you will be speaking of them in their true identity
and in their true relationship,
and you will not be judging by appearances.
For one thing the Master cautioned against was judging by appearances.
Always judge righteous judgment.

By knowing the true identity of individual being,
individual you and me,
individual he and she,
individual cat and dog:
By knowing this and knowing that the fullness of the Godhead
bodily is represented in each individual expression of that infinite Godhead,
you are knowing the truth of the Self-completeness of every individual,
and that word Self is spelt with a capital “S,”
meaning completeness in the one Self or God.
By virtue of your relationship with the one Self,
capital “S” Self, God-Self, you are Self-complete.
You need not think of any man whose breath is in his nostril.
You are Self-complete in God.

Meditation 13

Enjoyed, Experienced

To constantly abide in that realization
first could probably be the most important step,
although the one that comes next to it is so close in importance
that I would hesitate to say that it isn’t equally important, and that is this.
Throughout your entire lives,
from the moment of conception to this very minute,
you have been taught to either love, hate, or fear something that is in the form of effect.
The body, the fever, the lump, the dollar bills or pound notes,
the properties, the climate, the weather, the tyrant, the gun, the knife.
You will find as you review these things in your mind,
that you either love, hate, or fear these things.
Love some and hate others and fear still others.

And this is the major point that must be overcome
in your experience so that you can look upon all form,
or effect, or what St. Paul called “the creature”
without love, hate, or fear.
He tells us that we worship the creature more than the Creator,
and we do. We do.
We either love, hate, or fear some creature,
some form or effect, and we either love its effect upon us,
or hate its effect upon us,
or fear its effect upon us.
We should do none of these things.

The things, which ordinarily speaking, comprise our natural lives: the beautiful sceneries, the mountains, the valleys, the hills and the dales, the heavens, the stars, the suns and the moons, the times and the tides, the oceans and all there is therein. These are not to be hated, loved, or feared. These are to be enjoyed or used, as the case may be. Experienced. Works of art, works of beauty, these are to be enjoyed, experienced. Properties, homes, farms, ranches, castles, yachts, these are to be enjoyed.
They are not to be loved, hated, or feared.
Just enjoyed, used, without attaching emotion to them.
Without fear of losing them, without desire of possessing them.
Enjoying everything in the normal state of existence as it comes and goes.

Meditation 14
I Am A Child Of God

There is a grace of God,
an invisible spiritual something
that makes us individual you and me.
And so long as I’m not looking at you, but through you,
I am understanding that the qualities of God are your individual qualities.
Then when we meet personally,
you prove it in some one way or another.

So it is all over this globe.
You never look at people.
You look through them.
And in looking through them
you perceive that since they are all children of God
they must have that meat, wine, and water the same as all others have.
They must have the same qualities of God,
even though all people may not at the moment be using them.

But you’d be surprised how the moment
you commence to recognize the presence of God in an individual,
they begin to act that way toward you.
You change the nature of men and women
by recognizing their true identity.
It’s a marvelous thing that happens.
You begin to perceive that every individual
is an inlet and an outlet for the grace of God.
And your recognition of it in them brings out that quality to you.

This is called the impersonalization of good. It is what enabled the Master to say, “Why callest thou me good?”
I’m just an instrument through which good is flowing.
I’m just a child of God, and the Father within me is flowing out to you.
So don’t call me good.
You’ll get yourself all tripped up.
It’s God that is good.
I merely let the flow take place.

Meditation 15
You Are The Temple Of The Living God

Do you understand that God is law?
Do you understand that God is infinite?
Then do you understand that the law of God is infinite?
And therefore carnal mind can’t have a law.
Mortal mind can’t have a law.
The fleshly mind can’t have a law.
It’s called enmity against God.
It is enmity against God in the sense that it is a lie against God.
In the same way that I say there’s a lie against you.
If anyone says you are envious, or jealous, or hateful,
or malicious, or greedy, or lustful,
I say that is a lie against you.

For you are the temple of the living God.
Your body is the temple of the living God.
Have that mind in you.
Awake thou that sleepest.
Let Christ inform you that you have that mind
which was also in Christ Jesus.
You are God’s manifestation of Its own being.
You are as immortal as God.

Meditation 16
God is being me

The secret is then that the source of your supply
is your own consciousness of God as supply.
Now so it is with health.
Health is a matter of individual, spiritual consciousness
your consciousness.
If you seek a help of a practitioner,
then in that moment, your health depends on the developed,
spiritual consciousness of your practitioner.
But, that isn’t going to do you much good forever,
because sooner or later you’re going to be in a position
where it’ll be your developed consciousness or none.
And our function as students is to develop our individual consciousness to the point
not only of being healed,
but of healing.

You have to come back to this basic truth
that since I and the Father are one,
God is my being.
You might put it this way:
God is being me.
God is being me.
God is living my life.
“I live,” says Paul, “yet not I. Christ liveth my life.”

You have come to that point ultimately where you say, I don’t have health. I don’t have wealth. I don’t have anything. This is God’s life, God’s health being me, living me. I live yet not I this is Christ the Son of God living my life.

Meditation 17
You Dwell In The Secret Place of the Most High

Now, you see that without the practice of these Truths,
the Bible is nothing more than a lesson in a book on a table.
It is not a living, demonstrable word.
it is true that I and the Father are one
and therefore, I live in God and God in me,
I in thee and thou in me for we are one.
But just as you have to see that supply is invisible,
health is invisible,
so you have to see that safety and security
are invisible properties of God,
and you’re in them.

You dwell in the secret place of the most High.
You don’t go there Sundays exclusively.
You are there morning, noon, and night.
You dwell, you live in the secret place of the most High.
You live and move and have your being in God,
if you realize that you yourself are invisible.

Meditation 18
The Truth Shall Make You Free

Your health is a matter of my consciousness.
And the moment somebody asks you for help
their health becomes a matter of your consciousness.
And their health responds to your state of spiritual consciousness.
And if you know these Truths,
if your know that life is invisible,
never subject to matter or material conditions,
if you know that supply is spiritual,
never seen,
always omnipresent,
always infinite.
If you know that God is a fortress and a high tower,
an invisible cloak protecting you from every false belief of the human mind,
you can walk up and down this earth and
never be seen by the carnal mind.

You see it rests with you.
Ye shall know the truth,
and the truth shall make you free.

Meditation 19
“God as no power, for God is not power.”

We are not to think of God as a power that can do something to you or for you.
For that would be placing God in time and space,
and God is not to be limited to time and space.
In the same way it would be putting a start on God’s work
and that takes you entirely out of the realm of an infinite, immortal God.

We speak of God as the Creative Principle of this entire Universe,
including man.
But actually that brings up a picture in your mind of a God
that really created something at some time,
and as long as you hold to that belief
you cannot rightly understand the nature of God,
for God has never created anything at anytime.
Any such belief puts God in time and space
and with a beginning and that takes away
God’s eternality and immortality.
I ask you rather to see God as an infinite Invisible,
appearing as this universe
rather than as starting it,
creating it,
making it at a time.

Meditation 20
God Is

God appears as this universe.
God unfolds Himself as this universe,
and so when you begin to see this,
you’ll know that God isn’t a power here,
creating a universe here.
Nor is God a power here patching up a universe.
There’s no such thing.
God is the very life, law, and substance
that appears on your tree as fruit.
God is the very life, law, substance,
and activity that appears in your hand as your baby.
God is the very law and life and activity and substance
that appears to us as ourselves, each other, and this universe.
And the creating never began.
It is a continuous unfoldment of God
revealing Himself throughout all time.

When you see that,
you do not think of God as a power to which you can turn now and ask God,
‘heal this body’ or put fruit on my tree or bring me supply.
You can’t do that if you understand the Nature of God.
All you can do is realize Omnipresence.
The very moment you say, “God is,”
you have prayed the prayer of all the ages
that results in harmonious demonstration.

Meditation 21
Acknowledge only one God

God is.
What is God?
God is life.
Whose life?
Well, surely not my life and not your life.
If my life, then it must be your life.
If my life, then it must be the life of the tree, since God is one.
“Hear oh Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord He is One.”
And the Master said, “acknowledge only one God.”
Yes, but God is life.
Well, then acknowledge only one life.
But God is love.
Then acknowledge only one love.
But God is law.
Then acknowledge only one law.
When you acknowledge God as one law,
you then can say, “well, then material law, physical law,
why they just must be instruments of that one.
They can’t be destructive to that one.
They must be offshoots of that one.”

Meditation 22
God Is Functioning As My Individual Being

When you have contemplative prayer,
or you can even call it metaphysical treatment,
if you like, as when you are called upon to help somebody,
and you sit back,
and you’re not going to think about the patient
and you’re not going to think about their disease.
Otherwise, you’ll perpetuate both.
You’ll have an immortal patient and an immortal disease.

You drop them, and you turn to God.
And of course,
there’s nothing more profound than the two words:
God Is.
Of that I am sure.
God Is.
Everything in this life testifies to the fact that this Universe is run by Law:
the stars in their courses, the sun, the moon, nature, apples from apple trees,
peaches from peach trees, fish in the sea, birds in the air.
Everything points to a law that man neither made nor can man control.
It’s a Law, which existed before there was a man on earth,
according to the First Chapter of Genesis.

Therefore, I say, “God Is.”
God is, and God is about the business of being God.
It means God is functioning as the sun, and the moon, and the stars.
God is functioning as my individual being.
In fact, if it weren’t for God I wouldn’t have a mind or a soul or a life.

Therefore, God is functioning as my mind, as my life,
as my soul, even as my body, for my body is the Temple of the Living God.
And this is true of my patient, of my student and of me.

Meditation 23
God Is , Of That I Am Sure

There’s nothing true of me that isn’t true of thee.
Nothing true of thee that isn’t true of me.
God is, I’m sure of that.
I’m sure that God is a Lawgiver.
But if that’s true and God is infinite,
God must be the only Lawgiver.
Therefore, all Law is spiritual.
Then, I need have no fear of material law.
No, I will have no fear of material law,
since the spiritual Law is the real,
and material law must only be some form of it.
Therefore, it has no destructive element.

God is, of that I am sure.
God is the power that formed this universe and maintains it and sustains it.

Meditation 24
God is the only power and I acknowledge no other power

Then I need not fear any power of disease.
I need not fear any power of climate or weather.
Oh! yes, yes, I well know that in this human world,
there are two powers—good and evil.
And the world is suffering from that belief.
I know that we never will go back to Eden,
to harmony,
until we obey the Master and live by the First Commandment:
“Thou shalt acknowledge no other power than God.
Thou shalt acknowledge no other presence than God.
Even to Pilate I will say, ‘Thou couldst have no power over me unless it came from God.
Even to death I will say, ‘Thou hast no power.
Come on, young man, get up. Come forth Lazarus.’”
Death has no power.
Since God is infinite,
God is the only power and I acknowledge no other power.

God is life’ I’m convinced of that.
And I’m convinced that the immortality of God means the immortality of life.
Well, then why should I fear disease?
Would it have any power over God,
if God is the only life there is, and that life is immortal?
Why, then should I fear the power of disease?
Well, certainly I know all the world’s claim that disease can kill you.
But can it, if my life is God, or if God is my life?
Can it?
No, of course not.
And the Master said,
“You never will know immortal life unless you lose that personal sense of life.”

God Is Life

You have to give that up and claim that the only life I have began with God,
for it is the life, which is God.
God is life.

God is the life of my being and of my body.
God is the life of my orchard and of my ranch.
God is the life in my garden.
And I know no other life. “I know no life divided,” says the hymn.
Only one life, and that life is God.
I don’t need any God power to preserve life,
for God power is life, and life is God power.
I don’t need any God power to heal disease.
What for? What can disease do?
It certainly can’t touch the life,
and I have no other life, nor have you nor he nor she.

I shall not fear any form or effect,
because I know that actually God made all that was made
and all that God made is good.
Why then should I fear any creature, any form, or effect?
If I can see it, hear it, taste it, touch it, or smell it,
I must not fear it,
for there is neither power of good nor of evil in it.

What a blessed revelation.
I must not love, hate, or fear anything
that I can see, hear, taste, touch, or smell.
I can enjoy the good of life.
I can use all that which is given to us for our use.
But I must not indulge love, hate, or fear.
For the power of good or evil is not in it.
All power is in God.

Meditation 26
The Spirit of God Is Within Me

All power is in the Invisible appearing as visible form.
Therefore, all visible form reflects and expresses
the Divine Power of the invisible creative essence,
substance, law, activity.
A heart does not give me life,
But the life which I am, functions my heart.
The digestive and eliminative systems cannot give me health,
but the health of God, which I embody,
functions my digestive and eliminative organs.
My muscles cannot have strength but the Spirit of God,
which functions my muscles, has the strength and is the strength of my muscles.
The health of God, the invisible Spirit,
is the health of my visible form, for these are one and not two.
The secret word is Omnipresence.
The Spirit of God is within me,
functioning in every organ of my body,
functioning in every cell of blood,
functioning in every bit of tissue and hair.

God, the Invisible is appearing visibly as form,
and God is not separate from the form He creates.
Anymore than God is separate from the times and the tides,
and the suns, and the moons, and the stars.
God is the invisible substance, law, cause, and activity,
and all these things are the forms as which God appears.
God appearing as.
God appearing as.

Meditation 27
God Is On The Scene

Contemplative prayer or contemplative meditation,
and you may also call it treatment,
whenever I find it necessary to treat,
that is the form of my treatment.
I will sit down,
take whatever problem you’ve given me,
and drop it in my wastebasket.
And then I turn to God,
and I begin to contemplate God:
God is one,
God is law,
God is individual being,
God is the only life,
God as divine Presence,
God as Omnipresence,
God as Omnipotence,
God as the all-knowing mind and the divine love of the Universe.

And I continue that form of quiet, inner, peaceful contemplation
until I arrive at a place where no more thoughts come,
and then I just sit there quietly for a few minutes.
And my treatment or prayer is ended.
Usually it ends with that deep breath
coming to me to let me know that it’s over,
and God is on the scene.
But, even if it doesn’t, it makes no difference.

Meditation 28
God Is Where You Are

The more you give yourself to contemplative meditation,
contemplative prayer,
the closer you bring yourself to conscious union with God.
In your contemplation of God and the things of God,
never make the mistake of turning to God
as if you were going to turn on God’s power.
Always remember it has been turned on right from the beginning.
And you’re not starting it in action.
You’re just bringing yourself in attunement with it.
It’s already functioning.
There are loads of people in this very city who are living in attunement with God.
And so, when you make your first attunement,
it will not be as if that’s the first time it happened.
It’s been happening right here to people right along.
But you had not been in attunement,
and now you are bringing yourself into an attunement of that which is.

God is.
God is where you are.
The kingdom of God is within you.
Now, through silent, inner contemplation,
bring yourself into attunement, at-one-ment with it.
And then the first thing you know,
it begins to flow through you.

It’s always there.
It’s locked up.
Make a way for the imprisoned splendor to escape.
And the Bible tells us very clearly how we do it:
‘Thou will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee.’
“Acknowledge him in all thy ways,
and he will give thee rest.”
‘Pray without ceasing.’

Meditation 29
I am Under Grace

Now, in your moments of inner contemplation,
be sure that you take up, every single time,
the subject of good and evil.
Be sure that in your contemplation you
don’t fear to look at anything or anybody out here.
And say,
“the power of good and evil is not in you
but in the invisible Presence of God,
which appears here as you.”
You may be the tumbler, but the quality is in the glass.
You may be a safe,
but the quality is in the metal of which the safe is formed.
Security isn’t in a safe; it’s in the metal.
And so it is, there is not power of good and evil in any form.
All power is in the Invisible making itself manifest
as the visible harmony and peace and law and order.

Heretofore, I have been under the law of Moses;
the law of cause and effect,
the law of karma,
the law of as ye sow so shall ye reap.

Now I am under Grace.
Now I recognize no law but the law of God.
Now I recognize no cause but the great cause, invisible cause; God.
Now I acknowledge no effect, except those effects,
which are God in expression,
God formed,
God realized.
I am no longer under the law.
I am under Grace.

Meditation 30
I Stand On Holy Ground

I acknowledge neither good nor evil in anybody,
in any form.
I acknowledge God alone as good.
God the spirit, the Invisible.
The one creative Principle.
The only sustaining influence, maintaining
and sustaining Itself in infinite form and variety.

This claim that presents itself to me,
I treat it as the Master does, with disdain,
with divine indifference,
acknowledging that it could have no power over me,
or my patient, or my student, or my world,
unless that power were a God-derived power.
For the only power is that which manifested itself as this universe,
as my individual being,
for I and the Father are One.
And all the Father hath is mine.
I stand on holy ground.
The place whereon I stand is holy because God is where I am.
I can never flee from the presence of God,
even if temporarily I put myself in hell.
Now I know thou art there, for Thou and I are one, not two.
We are inseparable, indivisible.
And all the presence and all the power
of the invisible good is manifest as visible form.

Meditation 31
All Power Is In God, Come Forth

“Lazarus come forth.”
Did Jesus turn death into life?
Or did Jesus recognize that life animates the body.
The body doesn’t influence life.
Life animates the body.
Therefore, “I say unto you, Lazarus,”
which is the life of God, “come forth.”
Jesus did not address that statement to a corpse.
He addressed it to the consciousness of Lazarus,
and he called him by name, “Lazarus, come forth.”
And Lazarus came forth and brought his body with him,
because Lazarus and his body were one,
just as I and my Father are one.
Lazarus really was a name.
God was the being and the life of which Lazarus was but a name.
He could just as well have said, “Jones come forth.”
He would have been talking to the same consciousness,
because the consciousness of Lazarus and the consciousness of Jones.
they’re both God.
So he was just saying to God come forth and
pick up that body as you do and bring it out with you.

Yes, never turn to God as if you expected God
to become a power to do something that God isn’t already doing.
Only the belief in good and evil kept Lazarus’ body
locked up as a corpse.
And when Jesus addressed the consciousness of Lazarus,
he was virtually saying
the power of good or evil is not in you, in that body.
All power is in God, come forth.

Meditation 32
God’s will be done in me

And so it is.
I say to you,
the disease or the condition that you are fearing is not a power,
except in the belief that there are powers called good and evil.
And that in proportion as you will relinquish all belief
in good or evil in form, and realize that all power is of the Invisible Spirit,
your diseases will quickly or gradually vanish from you.
They will vanish in proportion to your acceptance, practice,
and finally realization of this Truth.
First, you must accept,
you must be able to feel in your heart that what I’m saying is true.

Then, you must be willing to go out and practice it.
Sit each day, two periods, three periods,
four periods in contemplative meditation
or prayer contemplating God or the things of God
and seeing how that operates in your particular experience.
And then inviting God to reveal His light within you,
to give you Grace,
to open the blind eyes,
not the physically blind eyes;
the mentally dulled or spiritually darkened eyes,
so that I may inwardly see Thee, truth, life.
Pray that I may be molded in the image
and likeness of God to be a servant of God.
Never telling God what I want but always reminding myself
God’s will be done in me, not my will be done through God.
God’s will be done in me.

Meditation 33
Make Me A Fit Instrument Through Which Love Can Flow

Mold me in Thy image and likeness.
Make me a fit instrument through which love can flow.
I can never be that fit instrument
while I’m hating, judging, criticizing, condemning,
only while I purge myself,
even while I do laugh at the mistakes of man whose breath is in his nostril.
But never judge it or criticize it or condemn it in a censorious manner.

Love thy neighbor as thyself.
Forgive seventy times seven.
Place no power in the form or creature.
And practice it as many times as a day as you can set aside three,
four, and five minutes, and then the day will come of realization.

That day of realization will not remove every problem from your experience.
It’ll disappoint you afterwards to find out that it hasn’t.
For realization has to be a continual thing, a continuous thing.
We have to have realizations on many, many subjects.
We have to have realizations almost every day of the week.
And even when they’re not for ourselves, they’re for others.
So that we never get to the point where we can say,
“Oh, I have arrived.”
If anyone has arrived, I haven’t yet heard of it.
And I’ll assure you that I haven’t.

Meditation 34
Christ liveth my life

You have to come back to this basic truth
that since I and the Father are one,
God is my being.
You might put it this way:
God is being me.
God is being me.
God is living my life.
“I live,” says Paul,
“yet not I. Christ liveth my life.”
And you have come to that point ultimately where you say,
why I don’t have health.
I don’t have wealth.
I don’t have anything.
This is God’s life,
God’s health being me, living me.
I live yet not I, this is Christ the Son of God living my life.
Then, in a measure, you start to drop the personal sense of health and supply,
and you come to that grand finale where you say,
the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.
Son, all that I have is thine.
When you come to that point you have reached a place in your demonstration
where the whole world falls off your shoulders.
The Earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.

Meditation 35
I of Myself Can Do Nothing

That just leaves me stripped without a thing, doesn’t it,
until that next breath: Son, all that I have son is thine.
Now, my mortality has been swallowed up,
and I’m clothed with immortality.
My finite sense of self has been swallowed up
and now I’m clothed upon with God’s immortality,
God’s infinity,
God’s grace,
God’s presence,
Gods power,
and so I can truthfully say, I have no power.
I of myself can do nothing.
I of my own self am nothing.
If I speak of myself, I bear witness to a lie.
The Father is my Life.
The Father is my supply.

Meditation 36
Now you’re living after the spirit.

God is one power, the only power.
God is infinite.
And so if God is power,
God must be infinite power.
And that does mean that there is no other power,
so I’ve got to accept the fact that
neither germs are power nor infection
nor contagion nor sitting in a draft is power.
And I’m going to stand on that.
And it shouldn’t be very many minutes before you get a call,
that I’m feeling better or it’s completely healed or something of that kind.
Because that is the basis of your metaphysical life;
of your living after the spirit instead of living after the flesh.
Living after the flesh you have believed that germs were power,
climate was power, sitting in drafts was power,
eating the wrong food was power.

Now you are no longer living after the flesh but after the spirit.
You’ve placed your reliance on the invisible as the all and only power.
Now you’re living after the spirit.
Now you’re the children of God.
Now you have been ordained to heal the sick.

Meditation 37
Be at peace with all forms of creation

Only one thing has power and that’s Truth.
‘Ye shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free.’
Not a man.
Truth shall make you free.
And the Truth is, that if you live after the spirit
you will acknowledge that only Spirit is the creative,
maintaining, and sustaining power of this universe.
And everything else is the form, effect, or creature.
Enjoy it if it’s good.
Eat it if you like it.

Be at peace with all forms of creation.
If you like diamonds, wear them.
If you can afford them, enjoy them.
But don’t, don’t ever worship them.
Don’t ever believe that they’re your life
or your supply or they make you great.
No, no, no! They’re the baubles of life.
We can all enjoy the baubles of life,
as long as we don’t worship them or fear them;
love them, hate them, or fear them.
Those are the evils; to love, hate or fear them.
Just enjoy them. Just use them. Be practical.

Meditation 38
God is Infinite, All One

There just isn’t room in an infinity of God
for anything destructive to life,
for God is infinite, all One.

God is One.
God does not embrace in that oneness
anything destructive to its own life.
And have you any other life but that One?
Has your tree any other life but that One?
Has your dog any other life but that One?
No, because there isn’t any other life but that One.
There is but one life and that’s the life of God,
whether it appears on earth as Joel, Jane, Mary, Bill, whatever.
It makes no difference.
It’s the One Life and the Life,
which is God, contains within itself nothing destructive to itself,
for God is spirit, and God is all,
and God is power.

Meditation 39
The Spirit of Christ

You sit in contemplation; inner contemplation,
peacefully contemplating the nature of God
as divine wisdom and divine love
and you begin to perceive that a God of intelligence
and a God of love couldn’t be guilty
of placing anything evil in the consciousness
of his own beloved child.
And as you contemplate that,
you come into the realization of one presence,
one power and that’s when healings take place.

So you see,
it really isn’t a healing power,
although we do use those words,
and when we’re asked to pray for the sick,
we tell them we do but
we’re not really praying for them as they believe we are.
We are contemplating truth,
and the truth we are contemplating is Oneness,
one God,
one Life,
one Substance,
one Law,
one Cause,
one Presence,
one Power,
and when we have contemplated it long enough,
a peace steals over us.
We call that the spirit of Christ
and when that steals over us
we are released from our fear of the other power.

The Spirit of God Dwells in You

If you have decided to give up that one tree
in the Garden of Eden,
if you have decided that you will not accept two powers,
you could be in the midst of all that
and not feel their fear or their doubts.
You would still be in your Heaven.
The fears and the mesmerism of the world
would not come nigh your dwelling place.
But, if you still believe in the power of good and evil,
then when they feel uplifted, you feel it,
and when they feel discouraged,
you’ll feel discouraged.
And so it will be over here.

If you have prosperity over here as a nation,
you’ll feel wonderful about it.
And when you begin to read that there’s a recession,
you’ll start to feel discouraged.
But that can only happen if you are still clinging
to the belief in good and evil.
If you can accept the fact that God is Spirit
and the Spirit of God alone dwells in you and feeds you,
sustains you, maintains you unto eternity,
you will have no fear of external conditions,
and it will not come nigh unto your dwelling place.

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