The Kingdom of God is within me

The kingdom of God is within me.

If I desire anything at all, I go right here.
If I seek the healing light, or consciousness, I must turn within.

The kingdom of God is within me.

I must turn within, and I must let it come into manifestation or expression,
because in our humanhood, our Christhood is locked up inside of us.

My task then is to find an inner peace,
an inner commune-ion with that which we call the Father within,
to get so quiet,
so still with that listening ear
that sooner or later
I can feel something released.
You may see it as a deep breath,
as if I were doing that, and that’s what sometimes happens
a deep breath.
At other times, it is like a release,
as if weights fell off my shoulders
and all of a sudden I was released from the strain
of my own thinking or humanhood.
Sometimes, we experience a feeling at the solar plexus—a warmth.
Sometimes, it may be that the hands feel warm.
All of these things are effects, and they’re relatively unimportant.
How you feel the presence of God is just an individual experience within you,
and you may feel it in an entirely different way than I do.

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