Thunder of Silence Synopsis E book

We are so happy to announce the beautiful new e-book : The Thunder of Silence, a Synopsis of the Principles. It is compiled by Zane Maser (see About) who put all her passion in creating this. A wonderful creation it has become.

This is what Zane says in the Introduction:

“The Thunder of Silence”
Joel S. Goldsmith

A Synopsis of the Principles
Chapter by Chapter
Compiled by Zane Maser

The following is an abbreviated format, chapter by chapter, of the principles and key spiritual concepts that Joel outlines in this book.  Consider them the highlighted pearls of truth.  Some of the sentences and short paragraphs are the exact wording, as they appear in the text.  Others have been slightly shortened, condensed, or rearranged.  With a specific topic, like healing, the segments of it mentioned throughout a chapter have been brought together.  Some of the statements that contain the personal pronoun, “I,” were changed from pronouns like “we” or “you” so that these sentences can be read and used like a quieting thought, much like a peaceful prayer of affirmation and truth—thoughts to use while the mind slows its pace, deepens, and enters the receptive state of Silence at the center of being.  In such profound stillness, the rumblings of thunder are heard.

Download here the full version


 A Synopsis of the Principles: The-Thunder-of-Silence

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