The Mystical I ~ Synopsis

Joel speaks:

“Once you recognize I—God—as the identity of yourself, you will recognize It as the identity of mother, father, husband, wife, child, sister, brother, friend.  Then, there is no fear of releasing them into their God Identity.  All fear for them goes.  The Master never meant that you have to “abandon” your family but merely urged you to go up higher in your awareness of what constitutes your “family” and ultimately to realize that God is your family.  Thus, the love between all of you is greater.  The bond is also greater, and the need or dependence has gone, because each finds fulfillment from the divine Center within.”

This is just one section from the new e-book compiled by Zane Maser: “The Mystical I ~ A Synopsis of the Principles”. Take this with you wherever you go and enjoy what is given!!


  The Mystical I synopsis

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