My Journey

Wim offers seminars and spiritual healing classes and has many private one-on-one practitioner sessions.

His journey started with a spontaneous awakening experience that can be described as a being lifted out of the fabric of time into Perfect Synchronicity, an out-of-this-world moment. This fundamentally shifted his energy configuration. He became conscious that Light and Love are an integral part of Being.

Infinite Way

An important part of his mission over the last thirteen years, has been to share the work of Joel S. Goldsmith. In over seven hundred video’s on YouTube and sixteen hundred post on the website Wim offered materials to students also in non-american countries (over hundred different countries) as a service for their awakening. Many volunteers helped in making transcripts or other publications.

The one’s that participate in classes mostly have a background in A Course In Miracles and/or The Infinite Way. (For more info see “About you“)

On a daily basis Wim is called from all over the globe for healing treatment and many participants discover this way, the incredible healing power of forgiving Love. Wim is able to listen with his heart and to direct you in the present moment to places in you that you have used to try to hide from your Self.

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