Iwihub.com is growing and I would like to introduce you to some of our team members. The tasks they fulfill can be secretary, proofreading, transcribing, illustration and more. A big hug for all of them!!

  • Hilda Soon

Currently I live in Calgary Alberta in Canada. I lived a very normal human life until year 2009.  Towards the end of this particular Hildayear, I was given an opportunity to go to India and live in an ashram for three months.  After India, my life changed tremendously as an inner thirst for God began.  My ongoing search have even led me to perform the Camino De Santiago in Spain in 2013 (my picture is on the final leg of this trip).
Now, I listen and read Joel’s talks every opportunity I get.  My inner intuition tells me this is it for me, no need to search anymore.  Thank you Wim for sharing Joel with us.   I am so grateful.


  •  Inez Soares

I work  in the  UK   as a private carer but  come  back  to Faro  Portugal Inez every two   month for a  short  rest where  I live  with  two  beautiful  cats. I have  been doing  this  for the  past  15 years. Before that  I lived  in S.Africa where I worked with the street children in Mossel Bay for some time before starting a play group centre (the first multi racial centre at that time ) in my home town. Those were amazing times. Without knowing then I was already a Beholder of the Father’s work . How amazing is it to see that God does not need our help for anything .. HE really does the works and goes before us ..I have discovered the Infinite Way almost 2 years ago and since then practicing its principals .I like photography but mainly I like to manipulate my photos to make them look a bit like paintings.

  • Zane Maser       

Living in Oregon amidst the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, Zane is an avid gardener and Zane Maserlover of animals and nature.  She also enjoys writing, and her WordPress site, “SunnyCat Astrology,” covers a wide range of spiritual topics, including offerings about nature, astrology, healing, and the inner life.





  • Wim Haverkamp

I live in the Netherlands. Love my healing practice aka  IWIhub ministry.wim Facilitate service  also as a teamcoach in a facility for people with addictions. I am so happy with the free flowing of creativity and love and Grace through me that I obviously can’t contain myself on a daily basis.

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