About You

Welcome Home!

You have come to the place in yourself where you discovered, there has to be more to life than this. This can’t be it. It might have been after a devastating experience or when you became aware of your fears for the “normal” things of life. You have become energetically sensitive to happenings that from a human perspective seem perfectly alright. You know there is something waiting for you that is the fulfillment of your Being.

Some of us were studying The Infinite Way or A Course in Miracles or other teachings. But even with your dedicated practice of this you discovered you want an even deeper experience of yourself. What can help you with that? Who is offering assistance? Who can be my ‘buddy’ on my spiritual path?

On a daily basis Wim is called from all over the globe for healing treatment and many participants discover this way, the incredible healing power of forgiving Love. Wim is able to listen with his heart and to direct you in the present moment to places in you that you have used to try to hide from your Self.

Thank you so much for getting in touch.

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