Until we can arrive at the next question, and that would be: if this Spirit is attainable, how is it attainable? For the moment we say if, of course, our mind goes to whichever of the Masters we know did attain it. And probably we have been led by then to some of the great literature that is available in the world: mystical literature, showing how many hundreds have attained it, and then we have the answer. Yes, it is attainable, and it is attainable on earth. It is attainable here and now. The next question is how? Fortunately, we have a great deal of guidance in that direction. We are told that Moses attained it in prayer on a mountaintop. We discover that Solomon attained it in prayer. We read that Jesus had a natural gift of it even as a boy, but for many years it wasn’t known how it was developed until these latest discoveries. And now they know that from the time he was twelve until he was thirty that he lived in a monastery and was taught and the Spirit came forth in him in mighty measure. We know that Saul of Tarsus spent years and years and years and years in spiritual study, in religious study, and then finally received it in a very exciting moment. 

And so, following many of the mystics, we discover always that there was a certain time, and a certain place in their experience when it happened, but we notice also, that even before that, their interest was in that direction, their thought was leading them in that direction. In other words, they must have had the same speculation going on in their mind as we have all had in ours, and then eventually it came. But this you might not gather from reading, so I will tell it to you, that in each case when it came, it came when the individual was not seeking it for a specific reason beyond the reason of desiring it. In other words, all that I want to know, since God is: may I know God aright? And with no other motive. There is no barrier. 

The moment I think I must set my people free, that barrier prevents it, because in God there is no “my people” or “thy people,” nor are there any right people or wrong people. The moment I think of my health or my wealth, my business, my profession, I have set up the barrier, because the Spirit does not exist for the purpose of my business. 

The miracle, as some of you have discovered is, that in the measure of our attainment, it benefits our health or our business or our profession, but not ours at the expense of someone else’s. Ah, there is the thing that you watch—that in attaining the Spirit. You, at the same time, lose the capacity to wrong, harm, cheat, defraud another. In other words, the moment that this Spirit is upon you, it brings receptive people into your orbit, but not that you can take advantage of them, because it cannot function in that direction.

To witness this at work, think of the birds in the air. Now, these birds are sensitive, and under ordinary circumstances, they do not permit themselves to be too close to the human race, and they must have invisible antennas. But watch the difference, when, without motive, you meditate in order to realize your oneness with the Spirit, once you perceive the Spirit as the life of all being—human, animal, vegetable, mineral—because it is natural not to have a desire to snare these birds. There could be no motive in it really, no benefit or profit in it. 

It is a very simple thing to prove this, because in the moment that you make your contact, you’ll find the birds appearing, and gradually getting friendlier and friendlier and friendlier, and then you realize that it could have only come about because you had no ulterior motive. Once you have perceived this, you can perceive why the man, who trained the dog Strongheart, had such great success in drawing to himself even the most ferocious of animals, without danger, and always it was the same. Never did he have an ulterior motive or a design upon them, and eventually they, through their silent antennas, perceived it. 

So it is that in our human experience you will discover that just as we can have relationships like this, and that some of you have witnessed now around the world; that the reason is that there is no motive except the motive of sharing, and this breaks down all of the barriers, and draws us to each other from the farthest ends of the earth. 

So it is that, in our business experience or profession, there is no possibility of failure once an individual has perceived their relationship to the Spirit, because if they approach the subject, not with the idea of using the Spirit, or using those who may be led to them, but rather of sharing, the whole barrier of separation that now exists between men breaks down. The color barrier, the racial barrier, the religious barrier are humanly natural barriers that have been built up by men, artificially created, but they have been built up by men, and for this reason, every race, every religion, every nation, nationality is born with some measure of fear of their next door neighbor. You can even find traces of it right now between the United States and Canada. Believe it or not, it exists there. Suspicion, fear, and certainly you know that it exists with foreign nations and more especially, those whose language we do not speak, and therefore, who we do not thoroughly understand.

Now, these are not spiritually natural barriers. There is no such thing as a barrier in Spirit, but these are natural human barriers, because ever since the beginning of recorded history nations have preyed, one upon another. Races have preyed, one upon another, religions have fought one another, until the most natural thing in the world is to bring children up with suspicion and it is a suspicion that does not leave their mind unless individually they have a personal experience that wipes it out.

Now, we deal, first of all, with individual you and me. We are in no position to save the world. We first have to save ourselves, and therefore, I have to take the stand as an individual, regardless of you or anyone else in this world. I have to take a stand as an individual, that I can never be satisfied until I do have some communion with this Invisible, whatever Its name or nature. I can never be satisfied with just human relationships. I never can be satisfied until I know what lies beyond seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, and smelling. 

There is a world beyond, and I definitely am not going to die until I know something about it. I take my stand. I tell no man about it, because to the rest of the world it would be insane, and I make whatever efforts are necessary within myself, or if I hear about a book that might help me, then I want to investigate that book. If I hear of a teacher that might help me, I must investigate that teacher. I must do something until I break through the barrier.

Looking back, you know that living like a human being is living like a prisoner. Here you are bottled up inside of your mind and your body, and you have no access to anything greater, and you’re at the mercy of somebody who has a stronger body or a stronger mind. You’re at the mercy of society. You’re at the mercy of all of the influences of human experience. And here you are, bottled up in your mind and body and no access to anything beyond that. How do you get out of this prison? How do you get out of this limited sense of life? 

But you learn to tell no man, and from the first time that you discover an honest book or an honest mystic, you learn that what you’re seeking is to be found within you, and all that anyone else can be is a help, but that no one can take the place of you, yourself. And therefore, regardless of how much help you get, there still remains the full responsibility upon you to go within, because it isn’t the holy mountain that gives it to you. It isn’t the holy temple that gives it to you. It isn’t the holy book that gives it to you.