You will recall, of course, the term that is used here so much: “The spirit of aloha.” Now, now just think for a moment what is meant by the spirit of aloha. It is nothing human. It really means that there is some kind of a spirit, not merely among the Hawaiian people. They were just as much fighters before the white race came here as they were afterwards, but everyone who comes here seems eventually to take on some measure of that spirit of aloha. 

And that spirit of aloha is a friendly spirit, beyond the ordinary human, because it enables people to smile at each other on the street without being accused of flirting. It enables people to give gifts to each other without having the feeling that they’re being bribed or bought. It enables people to give and receive gifts without the feeling that they’re being embarrassed or imposed upon. There is something that is called—a very definite something, something real—that is called the spirit of aloha. 

So there is something very real that is called “the Spirit” or divine Consciousness, so that when this Spirit or Consciousness touches the Master, he is enabled to say, “I am ordained of God. The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me and I am ordained to heal the sick.” Something specific has happened in a specific moment. Look at him outwardly, He still looks like a Hebrew Rabbi, clothed like a Hebrew Rabbi, probably talks like a Hebrew Rabbi, but there is something different about him. The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me. 

Take Saul of Tarsus, a well read Hebrew, a learned Hebrew in the letter of truth, but harsh, critical, biased, bigoted, in spite of learning. And then all of a sudden he is touched, and the moment that he comes to his senses again, he is no longer Saul of Tarsus, that harsh, cruel persecutor of the Christians, learned in the law, but rather now he is Saint Paul, a teacher, a healer. And above all things, whereas up to that moment he was so completely biased and bigoted in his Hebrew faith, all of a sudden he embraces the Gentiles, and his love for them is so great that he risks his own life to go out and share the good news with them. In other words, a Spirit has touched him; the Spirit has touched him. He is no longer the same man. He is now a divinely inspired man. 

Moses, who was a shepherd, all of a sudden gives up his safety, security; risks his personal sense of life to go into Egypt and rescue the Hebrews. There is this Spirit, and this Spirit manifests Itself as the new consciousness of the individual who has been touched by it. Whereas before, here is a housewife who all of a sudden becomes a healer; a business man who becomes a healer, a doctor; a lawyer becomes a healer, a minister…Natures change. 

You have an experience right here of one of your men of the Island who was one of the plantation workers who is now a minister in a church on the Big Island. For years and years and years, he was a plantation worker, but all of that is behind him, and a new man has been born in him, with a whole desire to serve. Now, the reason that there is not more of this Spirit abroad in the land is it cannot be used for any personal or selfish purpose, and this is what blocks us from experiencing it. There isn’t anyone really, any thinker in the world, who wouldn’t like some measure of that Spirit that has been in our mystics, great philosophers. There isn’t anyone in their right mind who wouldn’t like to know the meaning of being inwardly at peace. 

And yet there is a barrier, and the barrier is that the world is seeking it, the whole world is really seeking it, but for selfish purposes. Tens of millions of people go to churches to pray for that Spirit, but then they want a benefit from it. They want it to do something for them. They are not thinking of you. No, they are thinking of themselves or at most, their families, and of course, this is the complete barrier to it. The Spirit cannot be channeled; it cannot be used; it cannot be made to serve the purpose of anyone, even a noble purpose. It just will not serve a purpose. 

The fruitage of it, when it is attained, is that it establishes peace, peace within ourselves first, peace then with each other, ultimately peace on as wide a scale as we wish to enlarge our consciousness.

The first difficulty that we have in approaching this subject is that, first of all, we may be thinking of our health or our supply or our business or our race or our nation, and we are in hopes that when we attain this it will do something for them. And thereby we have lost it, because the Spirit knows no difference between me and you, no difference between my race and thy race, or my nation and thy nation, or my business and thy business. Therefore, there is no way to go to it until, within us, we have come to a place of conviction that there is a Spirit. This must come as a conviction, individually—There is a Spirit. 

I don’t know Its name or nature, but I know very well that something is keeping the fish in the sea and the birds in the air. Something is keeping two times two as four. Something is keeping the sun, moon, and stars in their orbit. Something is seeing to it that only apples come from apple trees and peaches from peach trees. There is a something. This must be the first conviction. There is a something, and this differs widely from believing that there is a God or having faith in a God, because the world has been in trouble for six thousand years of recorded history, in spite of all the belief in God and faith in God. Belief in God and faith in God are two good ways to fool the human race. There must come something far beyond the belief or of faith. There must come a conviction, and that conviction must be based on something other than reason. 

There are many people in the world, atheists and agnostics, who know that there are laws of nature, and that the sun, moon, and stars are maintained in their orbit, and yet have no conviction that anything is doing it. The conviction that comes must be beyond reason. It must be something that touches us intuitively, and it is for this reason, undoubtedly, that we never make contact with it until that conviction has arisen in us, even when we have no reason for the conviction—no sensible reason, no reasoned reason. 

Now, once the conviction has been attained: there is a something. I don’t care whether you call it God or Christ or Jehovah. At the very beginning of my work it was revealed to me that the word Christ, and the Christian word Christ and the Hebrew word Messiah were identical words, that it didn’t make any difference what language you used. Now it has been discovered in the Dead Sea scrolls this is absolutely true. The words used in the ancient Hebrew are the identical words that are used for Christ. So you could call it Buddha if you like, Christ, Messiah, God. The name is meaningless, because actually it has no name. Each one of us is entitled to give it any name that suits our particular fancy. A rose by any other name would smell just as sweetly, and God, Spirit, Life would be the same regardless by what name we identify it. 

Having this conviction, a question comes to my mind. Is it available to me? Is it available to man? Is it something of a practical nature? Is it something that can be known in this incarnation or must we wait to pass on, die? These are all legitimate questions, and the person who cannot face themselves with these questions can miss the way, because it is necessary not to approach this subject blindly or with blind faith or as if fearing to ask questions, but rather it is sensible to get the questions out of the way.