1964 Oahu/Maui Series

Joel S. Goldsmith

545A – The Power and Function of the Spirit

Good Evening.

From all over the globe where we travel, we are hearing students saying now, not that they want to come to Hawaii, but they want to come to Maui, and they want to know why the Maui tapes are so different, and I explain, as best I can, that there is a spirit, there is a spirit on Maui different than other places, and of course, there is. To understand it, it would be necessary to understand more of the working of the spiritual kingdom, the spiritual universe. Very little, almost nothing has been written on that subject, because the few who have discovered it, realize how impossible it is to explain it, to explain it to those who haven’t experienced it.

It must be clear to you, at least, that there are individuals who have gone beyond ordinary human living, that is, individuals who have become inspired from a higher source. We think off-hand of Moses and Elijah, Jesus, John, Paul, the Buddha, Lao Tzu, Nanak, Shankara. These are all individuals who were spiritually endowed far beyond the limits of any mortal man, and there have been hundreds; there have been thousands of others, who in greater or lesser or equal degree have received illumination from a higher source than the human race. The human race is slightly above the animal and is approaching a readiness for civilization. It hasn’t yet reached a place where it can actually receive civilization, except in a minor degree, because it still lives by self-preservation–Strike the other man before he strikes you; let the buyer beware. 

These are the outstanding traits of humanity, and it is only in a minor measure that you are finding the subject of brotherly love entering human consciousness. That progress has been made is evident. For instance, I have told you not to take seriously all of this civil rights business that’s in the press, as if they meant it, as if there were any serious attempt to bring about equality, justice, and so forth. Whatever tiny measure may creep in will be by accident, not by design or by evolution, but here and there, you will notice that a serious effort is being introduced into human consciousness to bring this subject into fulfillment. 

Those of you who have access to “Saturday Review of Literature” will find in it the experience of Richmond, Virginia. And here you will see how civil rights has not only been introduced, but brought to expression by people not politically influenced, but actually influenced by something far beyond human experience. So it is that in every walk of life today, you will find the civilized state of consciousness more and more being introduced into the human. 

Now, this all goes back to the fact that throughout all ages there have been those spiritually endowed. Paul shows you the difference when he speaks of man of earth and man who has his being in Christ, or the creature who is not under the law of God, neither indeed can be, or the Son of God who is God governed, God endowed

Now, when a spiritually endowed individual—no, let us go back first—when humans pass from this scene by what we call death or passing on, they enter an experience just as human as the one they left. And the proof of this is that from the very beginning of the discovery of spiritualism, that is the ability to contact those who have passed, up to this very moment, all of the contacts that have been made, have been made with the same state of consciousness of those who left here. In other words, whatever their interests were on earth, their interest remained. 

This should not be difficult for you to understand because you have caught a glimpse of the word consciousness. Now, you know what I mean when I speak of consciousness. You close your eyes for a moment and just say the word I, I, meaning whoever you are. I, Joel. I, Emma. I, Kit, I, Doc. Now this I that you have declared is you, and you know that this is not your body. This is you. This is you, yourself in whatever state of consciousness you may be at this moment, but this is you, and this you is invisible. This you I cannot see out here. All I can see is your form, but I cannot see you. You are somewhere in the back looking out at me through your eyes, but you are invisible. 

No one can ever see your nature, your character, the measure of your education, the measure of your civilization. No one can see that, hear it, taste it, touch it, or smell it. That is you, invisible you. And it is this you which, when the body dies, goes right on living. This you, which is already invisible, it doesn’t have to leave your body, it isn’t in it. It doesn’t have to become invisible. It is already invisible. It remains invisible and it remains where it is now. 

You have all been through the exercise of mentally going from your toenails up to the topmost hair on your head, and you have already discovered that you are not there. You are not inside of your body, and enough surgeons have operated on enough people to know that they have never discovered anybody inside the body. Therefore, you are not in the body now, and you will never leave the body. You will remain where you are now regardless of what may happen to the body. Now, whether you are sitting there, with or without the body, you are still what you are, and to have communion with you, to speak with you, or listen to you would bring forth from you whatever your present state of consciousness is, whether in the body or out, that is, whether visible or not. 

So it is that by the act of dying, or by the act of passing on, you do not become any better than you are now or any worse. You remain what you are now, the state of consciousness you are now, and therefore, if I were to contact you, if I were to have communion with you, you would respond the same as you would if you were visible as form. You would not have risen higher in consciousness, nor been lower, except that those who are quite far along on the spiritual path would be advanced, even by the act of passing. Now, those who have attained a measure of the fourth dimensional consciousness, those who, like the masters of the world, have attained some measure of their masterhood here, they do not become a part of that spiritualistic life or assemblage, but they go immediately beyond it into what is their native or attained fourth dimensional consciousness. 

And I mean by this, that to contact a human being on passing would be to find that you are in communion or communication with a human being, and you would get human answers to human questions. Whereas, no one could make contact with those on the spiritual level unless they themselves had attained some measure of that spiritual level, and then they would be in contact with that consciousness. Now, it is a fact that there are certain places on earth that still feel the effects of those who have attained spiritual heights. In other words, I have come in close contact with it in Scotland, in Damascus. Others have come in contact with it in Jerusalem. Some have come in contact with it in India, but there are places known to be influenced by a consciousness beyond that of the human.