There’s no use of thinking that you can gain a lot of knowledge and go out and teach with it. You can’t. And if you could, it wouldn’t benefit anybody. Nothing benefits anybody except in proportion as the Spirit of God is upon them and they are thereby anointed to heal the sick and comfort the mourner. And then you don’t have to speak. Then you don’t have to speak. When you go into a house of mourning you don’t have to say anything. The very presence of you being there is a benediction, just as if Jesus Christ walked through the door. Why? Because Jesus Christ wasn’t a man, he was the Spirit of God anointing a man and it was the Spirit of God that was felt. And the man? He just wasn’t remembered. Nobody remembers whether he was blue-eyed or brown-eyed, whether he was fair or dark. Why if you go back to the book of Josephus, the book of the Hebrew people, you’ll find that Josephus who walked the earth at the same time and the same places as Jesus, doesn’t know even in his writing whether Jesus was blonde or brunette. The people couldn’t remember. All they could remember was that he healed the sick and he had a glow in his face. That’s all they could remember. Now, our function then is to open our consciousness, to live so, that our consciousness is open a dozen…[end of tape])