But from the moment that you learn to pray aright –

Stop going to God for anything! Stop wanting something for yourself or your family. Stop all this nonsense of believing that God is around just for your particular little human benefit and understand that the nature of God is to bless and give seed to this world. And open yourselves and let the Spirit of God be upon you. And you’ll be able to heal the sick. You’ll be able to feed the multitudes. You’ll be able to forgive sinners. And then you’ll find that what you can do, everybody on the face of this earth can do in proportion as they open themselves for the Spirit of God to be upon them.

Do you see what makes a priest, a rabbi, a minister, a practitioner, or a teacher? The same thing—the Spirit of God being upon them. Without it, I recommend to all of our students not to go into this work. I beg and plead with them not to go into this work. They can’t succeed because there isn’t anybody in the world who wants to listen to them, unless and until the Spirit of God has touched them. After that you can’t hold them back and the whole world wants them. Do you see that?