Now, the nature of God then is not a giving God and not a withholding God, but a God always in expression, like these lights. There’s no use praying these lights for light. There’s no use praying these lights to give us light. The only thing is for us to bring ourselves into the light of these lights. And that’s the way it is with prayer.

God is filling this whole universe with all good, spiritual good. But made manifest as our very temporal universe; birds in the air, fish in the sea, crops in the ground, cattle on a thousand hills, oil in the ground, metals in the ground. Everything for man’s use is already here and there’s no use praying for it. But recognizing that it is here and that it is here as the gift of God, let us learn that prayer is opening ourselves to be receptive to God’s grace flowing through us. And then if we want to pray we can pray in this wise, Thy grace is my sufficiency in all things.

You see if you had the grace of God…It’s like a parent; if you had the love of a parent, you wouldn’t have to say, “Give me bread and butter and clothing and food and lodging and vacation.” No, if you had the love of a parent, you’d have all those things, because all those things are the gifts of the love of a parent, aren’t they? A child never has to say to its parent “Give me breakfast, dinner and supper.” It just knows it has the love of the parent. And the love is expressed in meals and in food and in transportation, and in education and in vacation and all the rest of these things. So with us. All we need to know is that the grace of God is our 643A – The Anointed of God 9 sufficiency, and that grace includes what we shall eat, what we shall drink, wherewithal we shall be clothed. That is why the Master said you don’t have to ask for it.

Another thing, a child never has to ask its parent for love. The only thing a child has to do is give its parent love. Well, we’re in the same relationship to God. You don’t have to ask God for love. You may take the word of one who has witnessed it for years that you don’t have to ask God for love. All that you have to do is love God. You bring love to God and watch that love flow back to you. But this thing of standing aloof like a human being saying, “God, I didn’t ask to be brought here, you owe me a living” will do nothing any more than a child that says that to its parent. But as we learn, and I don’t know how we can help it…if we ever learn to meditate on the beauties of nature; ponder the things of nature, learn to go to the sea and sit there, or up into the mountains, or in the valleys. And if we can marvel at this universe, I don’t know how we can help loving whatever it is that produced it and I don’t know what it is and you don’t, except that we call it God.

Now, there is a love, a deep love for that, and that’s all we have to feel. That’s all. We don’t have to ask it for love. That love flows back to us as the natural result of our love for it, just as the parent’s love flows most to the child that is most loving to the parent. Can’t help it, can’t help it. It’s the same with friends. The love of one friend to another flows in proportion as the love flows from that friend to this one. You can’t help it. The love that flows out through us is the love that comes back to us. The bread we cast on the water is the bread that comes back to us. And if we are not flowing that love into God, we’ve shut the door through which God’s love can flow into us. Because our love and God’s love is one and the self-same love flowing two ways.

Now remember that. There is no such thing as your love and God’s love. There is only love flowing two ways. Now God doesn’t dam it up, but we do. God’s love is always flowing. But ours isn’t. And so it becomes necessary for us, if we know the nature of God, to begin somewhere somehow to learn such a reverence for it, such a love for it that that reverence and love flows back to us.