Don’t think for a minute that civilizations haven’t been destroyed before. Don’t think that whole worlds haven’t been wiped out. But new ones began in the making immediately. And so it is, so it has been, so it always will be. You don’t have to tell God what you need. And you prevent the answer to your prayers by trying to know more than God. You know that’s quite a big dose of I when you think you know more than God and can tell God what you need and sometimes even when you’d like to have it. 

But when you can open your consciousness and realize that that which formed this entire universe must know more than you do. Why it even formed you and this intricate body. You can then say “Well Father, take over. I think I’ve been at this job too long and messed it up. You take over. Feed it; maintain it; sustain it.” You will soon find that many wrong traits of thought, wrong traits of character, wrong eating habits or wrong living habits or wrong bathing habits – you’ll find they’ll all be cleared up. Not because you know anything about it but because the divine intelligence will pretty soon let you know what you do need and what you don’t need. And it will give you the strength to stand in that realization.

There is an all-knowing mind. There is an all-knowing intelligence. There is an all-loving Father. There is a Father-Mother God. There is such a thing as a divine law of good. There is such a thing as spiritual care. But what has prevented its operation is…well of course one of the things is disobeying the greatest Masters and the teachings they’ve given us, thinking that we know better than they.

One of them is running off to holy temples to pray, or holy mountains. And another one is setting up human gods and masters. You have a master, the master consciousness of your own being. And all you have to do is not try to teach it, but be taught of it. Because in the end every knee must bend to it; in the end everyone must be taught of God. And the kingdom of God is within you.

When you learn to open your consciousness to being taught of God, you will understand what I’ve been saying from the very second that I sat down here. There are no needs in this world for the discords of the world. But instead of subjecting ourselves to the kingdom of God within, we’ve subjected ourselves to the government of men; to the government of men whether they were in governments or in churches; whether they were in spiritual places or temporal places. We’ve run to man whose breath is in his nostrils to find out what we should do and when we should do it, when all of the time the infinite intelligence of this universe was our own consciousness.

We have a schoolmaster. We carry him with us every day of the week. And we never graduate out of that school. From eternity to eternity, from everlasting to everlasting we are in this school – if so be we open our consciousness to being taught from within, instead of being taught from without. And as you read from this minute on The Infinite Way writings, you’re going to find out what I have said in practically every chapter.

This book isn’t teaching you anything. This book is sending you back to the kingdom of God within you where you can be taught. The whole aim of every one of these books is to send you back into the kingdom of God, not tell you something I’ve discovered. Those are just little helps on the way. You don’t have to take one single thing that I’ve discovered, as a truth. You don’t have to. Just take the overall intent of the books to drive you back through meditation, contemplation, into your own withinness and be taught of God. And I don’t mind if you throw the books out the window or give them away to somebody not yet that far advanced. This isn’t a teaching that says “I have the truth that will make you free.” Oh, no. This is a teaching that says, “The kingdom of God is within you and if I can get you back there, it will reveal to you the truth that will make you free.”