God is not outside of your own being. God is inside of your own being. God is within you. The whole kingdom of God is within you, within your consciousness. As a matter of fact it’s a little closer than that; God is your consciousness. And so when you seek God you must seek your own withinness. You must seek the withinness of your consciousness. Not that there are fifty or a hundred consciousnesses in this room. There is only one consciousness, but it’s yours and it’s mine. There is only one I am. And I know that you could all begin on my left and go to the right, back and forth across this room and each one say I am, and probably each one think you were talking about yourself but you wouldn’t be; you’d be talking about God. There is only one I am. There is only one God but it’s at the center of you, and it’s at the center of me. And to contact it I cannot go outside of my own withinness, nor can you. 

Now then, that is not localizing God since you are not finite, nor are you localized. Well, perhaps you all haven’t been through this exercise with me and so even though this is old to many of you, it will be new to some. And so we will take the few moments necessary to go through this exercise.

Will you please look down at your feet, and will you ask yourself if you are down there. Is that you down there in your feet? Or do those feet belong to you? And now go up to your knees, and ask yourself if you are there, or if your knees and limbs belong to you? And go up to your waist and ask yourself if you can find yourself there, or if all of that also belongs to you? And go on right up to your chest and see if you can find yourself there, or if all of that belongs to you? Now right on up to the very topmost hair of your head and ask yourself if that is you or if you can find yourself there? Or if there is still a you that possesses this body? Is this body you or is this body yours? Ah! That makes it very easy because we all know “Why this body is mine.”

Now, where am I? And ask yourself that, where am I? Down in the feet, in the knees, at the waist, at the chest, up in the head – where am I? You may have to study that a while before you come to realize that you are nowhere between your toes and your topmost hair of your head. You aren’t in that form at all. You never were and you never will be. That form is a vehicle or an instrument for your use, but thank God you’re not prisoned in it. 

Now, this doesn’t come to you in a moment. The answer doesn’t come to you in a moment. And you will need time to go through that exercise at home by yourself, until you do get so puzzled as to where you are and who you are, that all of a sudden that word I will ring in your ear and you will know that I is God. And that’s why the kingdom of God is within you and you aren’t in the body. And therefore in finding God within you, you’re not finding it localized in your body, you’re finding it as the very I of your being, the very consciousness of your being. And when you find it there you will be one with it. 

Now, having discovered this, it won’t take you long to discover another thing; that there’s no use asking it for anything. There’s no use telling it anything. There’s no use affirming anything. Why? It already knows all things. It is this creative principle of the universe that knew enough to put fish in the sea and birds in the air; that knew enough to make two times two four; that knew enough to create do-re-mi; that knows enough to keep the law of like begetting like in operation; that knows all that is to be known in this universe. And don’t forget this, it even knows enough that if we want to throw some bombs around and wipe the whole universe out, that it will start right over again. It won’t lose one minute. If you destroy this temple, that thing which is the creative principle of this universe, will start rebuilding it in three days again.