I said today about the person who studies piano and goes to a teacher and says “I want to be a concert pianist.” Well you know if it’s a good teacher he wouldn’t accept that pupil. “I don’t want anybody who wants to be a concert pianist. I want somebody who wants to know music.” And so it is when a concert pianist goes on the platform, they have no right to see an audience; their mind should be on music. And the audience’s enjoyment of it is something entirely incidental to the fact that they love music, not that they love an audience. Do you see the difference? So with us. If we love God then God uses us, so that we have an audience to benefit by it. But if we were to sit out here trying to please the audience, we’d forget the God message. Do you see that? 

Now, all of this comes under the heading of dying daily; dying daily to personal sense, to I, me and mine. It means really saying the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. Therefore anything I have you’re welcome to. It really means the ability to refrain from holding anybody in bondage to anything, setting everybody free, and then living in conscious union with God. And so I can say to you that your progress doesn’t depend on this message. Any more than the pianist’s progress depends on music. Music is absolute whether they learn it ever. But it depends on their devotion to music, their sacrifice to music; and so with this. 

This principle is absolute. And it will remain absolute if nobody grasps it. It has been absolute all through the centuries when nobody grasped it. Always awaiting our recognition and demonstration. But to those who feel the devotion to it, those who can make some sacrifice of self for its sake, the way is open for wide demonstration. 

Now, there is, there are many, many points that separate the message of The Infinite Way from religious teachings as we have known them. And tonight I would like to call your attention to one of the very, very important points that will require study and meditation on your part so as to first of all, accept it; second, demonstrate it. 

You have heard that God fills all space. You have heard that God is everywhere equally divided or space filling. You have heard that God is here where I am and there where you are. You have heard that there’s no place in all this earth where God isn’t. May I ask you then why there is sin, disease, death, accident, starvation, tyranny in the world? Have you thought of that question or the answer to that question? Why, if God fills all space, why, if God is equally all over this universe, why are there accidents, wars, depressions, famine, tyranny, slavery, why? 

You see that was one of the fundamental questions that brought me to this very work. I have never doubted that there was a God. I have never been agnostic in my leanings. Something inside of me has always told me that there is a God. But I could not conceive of the idea of a God and all of the iniquity in the world. Those two things never made sense. There is a God, but how can it really be true and all of these discords be on earth? And while I can tell you the answer that revealed itself to me in far less than five minutes, I can tell you that it took far more than fifteen years before I got the answer myself. 

Part 3 of the “Anointed of God, by Joel S. Goldsmith