I remember an occasion one time, when I had been through a period of limitation and I was just nicely and beautifully getting on my feet when lo and behold a demand was made on me by a relative who needed some temporary help. And I thought “Now that is a nice thing. Just when I am getting on my feet, no I’m going to be off again helping somebody else.” And, which is more or less a natural thought if you have just been getting out of a hole yourself. 

And I’ll admit that for a day it threw me a little bit because I didn’t know how I was going to meet that particular amount. I still didn’t have that amount in excess of my own needs. And this was the thought that came back to me, “That isn’t a demand on me at all. This particular relative would no more ask this of me than he would ask it of an utter stranger if there were a way out. But since he hasn’t yet found God, I come next in his line of having to play God. So it isn’t really me he’s looking to, it’s really God. It’s really a demand on the Christ rather than on me. Oh well, in that sense then I can accept it. All right Christ, this is Your obligation, this is Your child, this is Your son. So I’ll be the transfer agent and You just see that I have it on Saturday and I’ll mail it.” (laughter)

Well you see that was giving up the sense of I there. I must supply it, or I am rebellious at having to supply it, or… And so it was that that’s what happened. On Saturday it was there, and every Saturday it was there. But not only that but I had the joyous experience of finding myself one day with $25 more than I actually needed that week. That was the first real surplus on top of it, but a telegram came “I need $25 extra this week.” 

And shortly thereafter I had a hundred, and with that I thought, “Oh well, this is safe.” No I had a hundred and fifty and so I bought a stock for an investment, $150 worth of stock. And promptly got a telegram “I need $100” and by that time my $150 stock was only a hundred, and so that was that. And I learned the lesson there that if we can avoid claiming personal possession The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, and Son all that I have is thine. And if we can get away from the word I then we can meet every demand made upon us. Because it isn’t made on us, it’s made on the Christ. And we are only the transfer agent, just the same as in a healing.

Wouldn’t it be terrible if we were to be called on to heal somebody of a headache? Now, how would we go about that? We know nothing about physiology and we know nothing about anatomy and we know nothing about biology. And yet somebody says, “Heal me of a headache.” Well, you know we can’t do it. There’s no way we can do it. But we have learned how to be instruments through which the Spirit of God can reach human consciousness and restore harmony.  

Now, it is in this wise then that if we can learn to subdue that word I, if …well I’ll use this: If I can realize that no man owes me anything; no man owes me anything, or woman or child. Whether it’s dollars or pounds or whether it’s gratitude or whether it’s cooperation, I say to you that in my consciousness no man owes me anything. None. If I have a need, I will open my consciousness to the Father and let it be supplied. It may come to me through you. It may come to me through others. But in my soul, in my heart, nobody on the face of this globe owes me anything – past, present or future. 

Now then, once you can accept that; you release husband and wife, you release child and parent, neighbor and friend – even the government – from every obligation to you and you say, “I stand four square on God as my supply; God as the source of any love that I need, or desire or must have; God as the source of my good.” You know by the time you’ve achieved that you’ve throttled “Mr. I” way, way down to where he’s within handling distance, do you see? Because it is only I who would say, “You owe me this, or my mother owes me this, or my wife owes me this, or my child owes me this.” That I would say that. But the Christ of my being says, “Only God is the source of my good.” Then when I share with you it isn’t because I believe for one moment that I owe it to you. Not one moment do I believe that I owe you anything. But what I owe my God is that I keep my consciousness clear that God may use it in any way, shape, manner It wishes and if this is where that God places me, then this is my function. Not for your sake, for God’s sake. 

part 2 of The Anointed of God – by Joel S. Goldsmith, tape 643A