1956 Johannesburg Closed Class

Joel S Goldsmith 643A

The Anointed of God

I can’t say ‘good evening’ yet because the machine isn’t on. (Laughter) Is it? (Joel laughs) Well, well, that’s greetings to send all over. So it’s ‘Good evening’. (Response ‘Good evening’) Now, I thought we were going to meditate before that, but it doesn’t make any difference. We can meditate in a little while. This is the first session of the Second Johannesburg Closed Class. And we have a lot of work to do before the week is over. First of all, we have three states of consciousness, three states of Infinite Way consciousness represented in this room. We have those who have been reading the books and probably hearing some tapes but who have not had class. And we have some who have done all those things and had class. And then we have some who have done all those things and had two classes. And we have some who have not yet attempted healing work—either for themselves or for others. And we have some who have attempted it but have not succeeded too well. And then we have some who are doing very nicely in bringing to light harmony, where discords appear to be. Now, all that we have in this room. And, before the week is over or by the time the week is over, we should be more nearly on an even keel, so that we will all stand on the same footing with the same experience and so forth and so on. But this will be dependent upon each of you individually. So the first thing I would like to say is this, there is no such thing as mass salvation …there’s someone at the door… (pause). There is no such thing as the demonstration of each person being the same. There is no such thing as a teacher who can take all students and bring them to the same level of consciousness. It is just as impossible today as it always has been. And I don’t have to point out to you the wide difference between the disciples John and Judas, Peter and Thomas. And that’s just in a little group of twelve, all of whom had three years with the Master. And yet there was that tremendous space between the understanding of one and that of another. Now, as you will agree, it had nothing to do with the Master. As far as he is concerned he loves one the same as another. And he undoubtedly spent as many hours with one as he did with another. But it was in the degree of their receptivity and it was in the degree of their willingness and their ability to give up their personal selfhood. You see what stands in the way of spiritual development is the word I; that, in every case is the only devil you will ever meet in your life. You will never meet a devil external to yourself because there aren’t any. The only devil there is, is the degree in which the word I governs and controls us. How much mad ambition have I for place or position or power or money? How much mad ambition have I to be famous or to be notorious, or how much selfishness can I cling to? How much willfulness can I indulge? How much obstinacy? Or, on the other hand, how quickly can I surrender these? How quickly can I come to a place of consciousness where nobody can hurt my feelings because I haven’t any feelings to be hurt? How quickly can I come to a place where nobody can insult me, because knowing my own integrity I don’t accept their opinion of me? How quickly can I come to a place where I don’t want to judge or condemn or criticize? And each one has to answer that for themselves.