Now, what about all this “me praying to God for this”? Now, I want you to know something; that, in metaphysics, as a rule, everybody is going to God for something. And, I want you to know this; there is nothing. Because, God is infinite. So, the only thing you can ever get is God. And, if your prayer doesn’t stop at God, and omit this third angle over here, there is no answer. God is the substance of all form. And so, the only thing to pray for is God. But God, being infinite; when you get God, you get supply, companionship, housing, clothing, transportation, health, wholeness, immortality, eternality. But, the moment you think of God as a means toward that which you desire; that is when you are sunk; that is when your metaphysical hopes will be dashed to Earth. Because, there is no such thing “over here”. Instead of — That’s why they say we “use God”. Sure, they say we “use God” to get this. And, that is sin. We use God, to get this. Or we pray to God, to get this. No. God is infinite. God is all-inclusive. God is supply, God can not send supply. The only supply there is in the world is God, so the only thing to pray for is the realization of the omnipresence of God. When you have the realization of the omni-presence of God, you have your supply. There’s no use praying to God for companionship. Because, there is no such thing as God and companionship. If you pray for a realization of God, you’ll find companionship is embodied in it. There is no use of praying to God for health. Because, there is no God and health.

“God is the health of my countenance.”

So, when I achieve a realization of God’s presence, I have achieved my health. But, if I go to God for health, I pray amiss. If I go to God for supply, I pray amiss. If I go to God for companionship, or opportunity, or employment, I pray amiss. But, when I pray to God for God, I am praying correctly. Then, the prayer is answered. Let us have no hope, no desire, no ambition, beyond that of realizing the omnipresence of God. That alone is legitimate. There-in can desire be prayer. Desire is prayer, if desire is for God alone. The moment desire goes beyond the desire for God, it isn’t prayer, it’s sin. God is the all-in-allness of Allness. So, to pray for God to do something else, or give something else, or supply something else; can’t you see that that’s praying amiss. God is all; therefor, pray for God. But, can you pray for God? When already God is your being? No. Therefor, you can’t pray to God, and you can’t pray for God, nor can you pray to God for anything. Your prayer is the calm assurance of God’s grace; the complete assurance of God’s presence; of God’s wisdom; of God’s love. “Thy Grace is my sufficiency,” is probably one of the greatest prayers ever uttered. And, if we never know another one, it will be sufficient. If only we mean it, when we pray; “Thy Grace; thy Love; thy wisdom; thy gift is sufficient in all things;” in all things; is my sufficiency in all things. Now, always it has appeared to me that our mistake in metaphysics has been that God is a way station towards something that we’re desiring; God is a means through which we hope to achieve something. In other words, God is our messenger. No, no. God is nothing like that. God is the very thing or condition we are praying for. Therefor, let us only pray for God. Let us pray only for the realization; God’s grace; God’s presence; God’s… God is my life. God is my supply. God is my high-tower. God is my fortress. I don’t ask God to send me a fortress. Just let me hide in God. That’s all. Let me abide in the secret place of the most high. I won’t ask for a translation of that, in human terms. Just let it be spiritual, and I will be hid with Christ in God. I will be hid with Christ in God. It doesn’t mean that I also must look around for a cellar to run into. Nor does it mean that I must hide from somebody. No, I am hid with Christ in God. I am in the secret place of the Most High. Why? Because that’s my relationship to God.

How can that which is one with God ever escape from God? And so, prayer is a recognition of the fact that the man who came down to Earth, the man who went up to Heaven, is the same man, because in the first place he never left Heaven. We have never left our divine source. But, we are entertaining a misconception. We are entertaining a belief that we are on Earth, and God is in Heaven, and how are we going to get together? But prayer is a recognition; “I and the Father are one; all that the Father hath is mine.” God Itself is my sufficiency; not God and employment; not God and investments; not God and companionship. God Itself is my sufficiency.” Then, let that sufficiency appear in accord with God’s will. And if He wants to make that green pastures; if He wants to make that by the still waters; if He wants to make that a marriage; if He wants to make that a business, fine. Let us follow where He leads. But, let us not attempt to direct God. Watch your prayers, for this next week. Catch yourself, every time you’re reaching out to God for something other than God Itself. Catch yourself, every time you’re thinking of going to God for health, or for supply, or for opportunity, or for forgiveness. Stop yourself, and say, “No no no, I want none of those things. Let me have the realization of God Itself, and that will suffice.” And you’ll find that it’s true. The recognition of God is sufficiency.

Now, do you see why, in Infinite Way class instruction, there are three major points that must be learned? One, is the nature of God. Everyone must change their concepts of what God is; what God’s function is in our experience; what our relationship to God is. Next, everyone must learn the nature of prayer. They must attain a much higher concept of prayer than they ever dreamed of before. No prayer that you’ve ever known is sufficient. No prayer that you’ve ever heard or read about is sufficient. The only prayer there is, is this recognition, acknowledgement, and confidence; this ability to commune, without a single desire in your heart; wish; without any attempt to acquaint God, or influence God. So, the whole concept of prayer must change. The whole concept of your own self must change. You’ve got to get over this idea of being a pee-wee on Earth, praying to a great big deity somewhere for little favors. When I and the Father are one, all the Father hath is mine, and it’s His good pleasure to give me the whole Kingdom; the whole of the Heavenly kingdom. “Thy Grace is my sufficiency in all things.” Then, we must come to that great, great point of infinite way teaching; the nature of error.

How now, after you know the nature of God, and the nature of prayer, and the nature of your own identity; how now can you see error; evil; as anything but a mirage, an illusion, a nothingness which has been frightening you with an appearance? When you come to those things, you come to the highest point of the Infinite Way teaching, in which you recognize that because God is what God is, you don’t need to go to God. You don’t need to reach out to God. You don’t need God’s power. You don’t need anything of God.

Now, you’re at the place where God’s all-ness makes nothing else necessary. No need, now, for God’s power. Why? Since evil has been seen as a mirage, what do you want God’s power for? Since supply is omnipresent; God is omnipresent; harmony is omnipresent; now what do you want God to do for you? It isn’t up to God, now. You don’t need God, anymore. It’s up to us now. It’s up to us to bring ourselves into alignment with that which is; with God’s Divine Grace. God already is. God has been, from the beginning. God changeth never. God eternally is. God is with you, unto the end of the World. You don’t have to go to God for anything. God is already being it. We need to lift our concept of God; of our own being; of prayer; and of the impotence of “evil”. And when we’ve done that, we are moving, and living, and having our being in God. Can you imagine going to Heaven, and still needing God? No, you’d be basking in God.

Well, let’s go to Heaven. We can go to Heaven right here and now, by giving up all beliefs, that we have to reach out to God for anything, or do other than to let God take over. That’s where that old metaphysical saying comes in; “Let go and let God.” Let go, and let God. You see, the responsibility has been on us, as students, to attain a higher concept of God; a higher respect for God; a higher love for God; a higher trust in the infinite nature of God’s all-ness; the infinite nature of God’s wisdom; the infinite nature of God’s love; and then, a greater respect for our own identity; a greater realization of what it means to be the Son of the Most High; of what it means to live and move and have our being in God Consciousness, under God’s supervision; God’s government; God’s direction, without any nudging from us. And that’s all we’re doing with our prayers; nudging God all the time. And, that’s what we have to stop. We have to bask more in the realization that God is. That’s enough for me to know; God is. As long as there’s a God, I am. And, as long as God is, an Infinite Intelligence is operating. As long as God is, a Divine Love is functioning. As long as God is, there’s no other power, to do anything to anybody. As long as God is, that’s my assurance. That’s my acknowledgement of Him in all my ways. And so, with that understanding of God, I can say, “Oh yes, Father; thy Grace is my sufficiency in all things, and I seek nothing beside that.” Thy Grace is my sufficiency. In thee, I live and move and have my being. In thee, I find my hiding place from the world’s beliefs; the world’s beliefs in two powers; the world’s belief that there’s a power in evil; power in sin; power in disease; power in death; power in lack. In thee; in this calm; David’s calm assurance; confident assurance in God’s Grace; in this calm, confident assurance of God’s Grace, I rest. I rest. I seek no more. I search no more after God. I seek no more for God. I am in God. I am in God, and God is in me, and we are one.

Remember, try not to acquaint God with what you think you need. Try not to enlighten God as to what you would like. Try not to have a desire when you go to God, except the one pure desire, “to know Him aright; for to know him aright is life eternal.” To know God aright is life eternal. Why then, waste time praying for something; affirming; petitioning; denying. Why not spend all of our time becoming acquainted with “Him, whom to know aright…” And that’s all there is to it; to “know him aright;” to have the right idea of God; the right concept of God; to understand the infinite nature of God. This, itself, is life eternal. “Whither shall I flee from thy presence?” Now you can see why one of the major principles of the Infinite Way is the First Commandment. Now you can see why one of the major principles of the Infinite Way is the Master’s second great commandment. Because, any of this truth that is true about Jesus Christ, is true about you, and is true about me, in proportion to our conscious awareness of it. Now you can see why one of our major principles is, “To him that hath shall be given;” to those who never claim they haven’t got, and then try to go to God to get it. But, to those who acknowledge, “I have thy Grace, and that’s my sufficiency;” to him that hath, shall be given. To him that denies that he has, and is eternally seeking; from him shall be taken, even the little that he has. And you see also, why we have the principle, “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.” Why, thy neighbor; it makes no difference whether thy neighbor is African, European, Asian, Caucasian; whether he’s Hebrew, Christian, Mohammedan; your neighbor is the self-same being; God expressed; God manifest. The secret of — The beauty of Holiness; the secret of Holiness really is, God manifest; God incarnate in flesh; God manifest in flesh. Ah yes, but white flesh, or black flesh, or yellow flesh, or purple flesh, or Christian flesh, or Jewish flesh, or Mohammedan flesh? God manifest in flesh. This is the glory of Holiness, according to scripture. And, do you see now that this is not bearing false witness against our neighbor; this is knowing the truth about our neighbor. This is praying for our neighbor. This is forgiving our neighbor his trespasses, even as we wish our trespasses to be forgiven. This, then, is the fulfilling of the law of Love. Love is the fulfilling of the law. And, this that we have witnessed here tonight, is the fulfilling of the law of Love.

Because, we have acknowledged the infinite nature of God, and the eternal nature of the Son of God. We have acknowledged omnipresence, omnipotence, omniscience. We have acknowledged Divine Grace. We have acknowledged that the Grace of God is for us, for our neighbor, our friend, or our enemy. And freely, we seek forgiveness of our errors of omission, or commission, or ignorance. And just as freely, we set all free in Christ, through this realization that every bit of truth that has gone through our consciousness tonight, is the truth about everyone in Heaven, on Earth, or in Hell. And in that realization, we release, in this instant, many who are this moment in Hell. In this moment, we forgive them their sins. Because, we have power on Earth to forgive man his sins. That is one of our functions; forgive as ye would be forgiven; love thy neighbor as thyself. And forgiveness is a part of love. And so, in this instant, we are releasing from fear, sin, punishment, all those who are holding themselves in bondage to false concepts of God, man, law, love, and life. We release them. We loose them, and let them go, in the realization that all that is of God, is good. And what is there that is not of God? Every day then, since now you remember — this is a wonderful thing; from now on, just remember you have nothing ever to go to God for. Oh, you’re going to have so much time on your hands now, that used to be spent with going to God; that we can now use that time for realizing God’s grace, in the experience of those who are not yet awakened to the fact that there’s nothing to go to God for. Thank you… Thank you… Thank you… Thank you… (Tape loops the words “Thank you” seven times.)