Now, let us see where we come at this moment with our concept of God, and our ideas of prayer. Let us see now, if we are having an expanding idea of God; a broader idea of God; a more comprehensive idea of God. Can we now see, that since God is love, infinite love, divine love, spiritual love, that there is no need of our going to God and asking God to be love, or give love? Is it not clear now, that if our God is the directing intelligence of this universe, if God knows how to produce a pearl in an oyster; a God that knew thousands of years ago, millions of years ago, that we would need gas for automobiles, and start to manufacture it in the ground for us, to have it right at hand; this God that directs the birds from the south to the north, and the north to the south; is not this Infinite Intelligence sufficient to be the governing and guiding influence in our experience, without our reaching out to it with any information suggestions, hints? You see, on the spiritual path of life, very little progress can be made until we have caught some kind of a vision of what God is, and of what God’s function is in our experience.

Now, the function of God is really that of an Eternal Life, which is at the same time an Infinite Intelligence, and at the same time a Divine Love, functioning within Itself. Functioning within Itself; “I and the Father are one; thou sees me, thou sees the Father that sent me, for I and the Father are one.” So here is the Father and the Son; God the Father, God the Son, functioning all within Itself, right here where I am, and as I relax in that realization, It takes over, and it functions harmoniously, normally, joyously, abundantly. But, the very moment that I turn to It within, with any sense of getting, with any sense of informing, with any sense of hoping or desiring, I prevent Its operation in my experience. The moment I go to God with a desire, I prevent Its operation in my experience. I am placing my finite view between me and the Infinite; I am placing my finite concepts. You see, I can only see as far ahead as an hour from now; not even then. And with that limited vision, I would tell the all-knowing mind what I would do tomorrow, or where I would be tomorrow, or what I should say tomorrow? I interfere with the flow of God, the moment I go to God with a desire, a fear, a doubt, a concern, or even a hope. I interfere.

I can only go to God with clean hands and a pure heart, when I go to God with,

Thy will be done, in Earth as it is in Heaven,”

and then refuse to entertain any concept of what I think that will ought to be. Then, I go to God with clean hands and with a pure heart. I stand in the Divine Presence, pure of heart, when I have no finite will, no personal desire, no personal hope or ambition, only the utter and complete relaxation; “I am thine; thou art mine; I am in thee, and thou art in me. Thy will be done in me.” Oh, we all pay lip service to that. We all say that, sometime or other, and then, the very next hour or the very next day, outline in some way what our hopes, our desires or ambitions, may be. And, we think that if those hopes, or ambitions, or desires, are good, that that makes it alright; “Well, all I want is for my neighbor to be healthy; All I want is for my child to be well-behaved; I only desire good things.” Why desire? If God is the all-knowing mind, the directing intelligence of the universe, the divine love, the infinite wisdom and the only power, why desire? Why not let God’s wisdom reveal itself? Why not let God’s love unfold and disclose itself within us? If you pray, and do not receive, it is because you are praying amiss. In some way, you are pretending a greater wisdom than that of the Father. You may even be pretending a greater love than that of God. Oh yes, you love your neighbor and you love the man down the street. But evidently, God doesn’t, and so you’re interceding. Won’t work. Hasn’t worked. Doesn’t work. True prayer, is an absolute conviction that God is intelligence, and love, and there’s no power apart from God; no power opposing God; no power in conflict. Therefor, nothing is interfering with God’s grace for his children That acknowledgment, is prayer. The desire that is a desire for things or conditions, is sin.

Now, see what happens as you begin to accept this kind of a God, and no longer reach out, or up, or within, but merely stand still in being, and say “God is.” Nothing that I could do in meditation or out will influence God to be more than God or less than God. What greater prayer is there than those two words; “God is”. God is. As long as God is, why should we be concerned? Our only concern should be, if we still doubt that God is. And of course, that is our greatest concern. Because, on the whole we really do doubt God, even while praying to God. The world doubts God. Very very little of this world believes in God, or they wouldn’t waste so much time praying. If they really believed that God was Divine Intelligence, and Divine Love, why spend all this time trying to influence God, or get God’s grace, when God’s grace already is? God is.

Thy Grace is my sufficiency in all things“.

Thy Grace is my sufficiency —” That’s enough of a prayer. It is an acknowledgement of the wisdom of God; of the love of God; of the presence of God; of the power of God.