God is. Life is. Love is. Know this truth, and this truth will set you free; set you free from the belief that you have to go to God for anything. First of all, you already pay lip service to the fact that God is the all-knowing mind. Then, shall you go to God, and say, “God, I need this; I desire that; I want this; I should have this,” when you already claim that God is the all-knowing mind? Are you not contradicting yourself, when you say, “God is the all-knowing mind, but I shall pray to God tonight.” For what? What is it that the all-mighty God does not already know? Another thing; you pay lip service to being a Christian, to being a follower of Christ’s teaching. But, it’s only lip service, because the Master says your heavenly Father knoweth that you have need of these things. So, don’t pray for them. And, “It is HIs good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” Yet, despite of accepting the Christian doctrine of an all-knowing God, and an all-loving God, we persist in telling Him that we lack rent, food, clothing, housing, vacation, transportation and health. Do you see that? James says that if you pray and do not receive, you pray amiss. Certainly. Every time you go to God for anything, you’re praying amiss. Anytime you expect anything of God, you are praying amiss. Anytime you look to God for something, you pray amiss.

There’s only one way to pray; “Thank you Father.” “Thank you Father”, that’s all. God is the all-knowing mind; the Infinite Intelligence of this universe. No one has to tell God to make grass green, or roses red or white or pink. No one has to tell God that orchids grow in the tropics, potatoes grow in Maine. No one has to tell God to put fish in the sea, and birds in the air. No one has to tell God when the stars shall come out, or the sun, or the moon, or when the tides shall move in and out. Then, shall someone tell God when we need food, clothing, raiment, housing, transportation, and health? Heavens, no. We have been praying amiss, for thousands of years. Now, we come to enlightened, spiritual, metaphysical, scientific Christianity, and we twist the prayers around into affirmations and denials, for the same purpose that formerly we used petition. Same purpose; to get supply; to get health. Only now, instead of saying, “Oh God, here my child…” Now we say, “Oh God, my child is perfect…” And then look, to see if God’s making him so. You see…

Once upon a time, the press called Mrs. Eddy the “Prayerless Mrs. Eddy”, because she wrote that “no one yet has ever been benefited by prayer”. And of course, what she meant was exactly what I’m saying tonight; that no one yet has ever been benefited by telling God what they needed and asking for it. And so, in the same way that they refused to bury one of the greatest living Christians; one of the greatest modern Christians of all time; one of the greatest of Christian; they refused to bury him in West Minister Abbey, because he was an atheist; a man who lived closer to God than perhaps ninety nine percent of the ministers. Why? Because he didn’t believe in asking God for something, and so he also was an atheist. Now, George Bernard Shaw. That was his name. He lived so close to God that his whole life was a dedication to God, from the time he discovered God, in his middle years. His life was a dedication to God, but he couldn’t be buried in West Minister Abbey because he laughed at the people who went to church Sunday to pray for something; especially to pray for peace during war times. Then, they got peace, as soon as the enemy was out of ammunition. That was God’s will.

Now look — we are living in an enlightened age; enlightened in everything of a material and a mental nature. Let this also be a spiritually enlightened age. Let us acknowledge, openly, that our God is the infinite intelligence of the universe, and that our God is divine love, and that our God is, as a poet said, “closer than breathing, nearer than hands and feet,” and therefor knoweth our need before we do, and it is our God’s good pleasure to give us the Kingdom. This passage is Luke 12:22-32. It’s also found in Matthew. When we have that kind of a God, our prayer is never a seeking, never an asking, never a beseeching, and never an affirming. Our prayer is a continuous, “Thank you, Father.” Sometimes, our prayer would make it appear that we are some kind of a little insignificant being, praying to a great beatific being. That passes for humility, in spite of the fact that scripture says, “Son, thou art ever with me, and all that I have is thine.” And therefor, we are not less than God. We are co-existent with God, and joint heir in all that God is and all that God has. And, how then could the Son pray a prayer of petition, or seeking, or asking to the Father? Oh no. No. Your Heavenly Father knoweth that you have need of these things. There, is prayer. That acknowledgement is prayer. “My Heavenly Father knoweth that I have need of…” Whatever it is I need. But if I dare outline what that need is, it is as much as to say, “God, I know what I need but you don’t yet know.” Oh, how can we pin our concepts of our own existence in such a way as to believe that we can inform or influence God to bring it about? You know, sometimes the thing we pray for the most sincerely, would be the worst thing in the world for us to get if we got it. How often we’ve said, “Thank you God, that I didn’t get the thing I was praying – or the person that I was praying for.” And how often we’ve prayed, and gotten it, and said, “God, why did you do that to me? I didn’t deserve that you answer my prayer.” No.