Now, as you learn to give up your mental energy, your mental power, your strivings to accomplish something with truth, as you give up this attempt to make a powerhouse out of the human mind and become still, and receptive, and responsive until this Word begins to flow, then you will know the meaning of healings. Then you will know the meaning of harmonies, of infinity and for one reason—the word of God, the consciousness of God’s presence. The awareness of God is infinity itself. It doesn’t produce it. Will you please remember this? That the presence of God does not produce any form of good. The presence of God is Itself the form of good. God appears as form. God appears as. The presence of God is divine harmony. The presence of God does not manufacture some form of harmony. That is why so many of our metaphysicians go wrong. They’re trying to demonstrate a form of good. There is no form of good separate and apart from good itself, and so in proportion as we would demonstrate the consciousness of good itself, that presence of good would appear in the form necessary to our experience of the moment. And It, in Its own wisdom, determines that.

For instance, this very Christ, this very spirit of God in Moses, appears to the Hebrews as a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night. Now, Moses never prayed for a cloud by day or a pillar of fire by night. Moses probably never dreamed of such a form of protection. Moses’ prayer must have been a realization of God’s presence, but because God’s presence was needed as protection, it came forth as a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night. But what happens the next day? The Red Sea opens. Would you for a minute believe that Moses could think about opening the Red Sea? No more than you or I could. Moses had only one prayer—God with us, Emmanuel. God is our protector. God is our life, our being, and that very consciousness of God’s presence appears as the Red Sea opening and then later as manna falling from the sky. Do you believe there is a God sitting around somewhere to send down manna? No, God is the manna falling from the sky. The manna is a manifested form of God, and it comes only to those who have the conscious realization of God’s presence.

Go all through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, and watch this miracle. Every individual prophet, saint, seer, sage who had the feeling, the awareness of God’s presence, who lived consciously in God’s presence, was able to find his protection, his food, his safety, his security appearing as the need was. Elijah finds cakes baked on the stone. He finds a raven bringing food. He finds a widow sharing. Finally, he even hears the voice of God saying, “Over here are seven thousand whom I have saved out who have not bowed their knees,” where He, God, even appears as a class for him, as a congregation for him. Ah, who does that happen to? An individual consciously aware of God’s presence; an individual living, moving, having his being consciously aware of God. And the Master the same way. You don’t think for a minute that the Master could multiply loaves and fishes or that he could walk through walls. Oh no. The Master had only one realization—the presence of the Father within. And, his consciousness of the presence of the Father within appeared outwardly as a multiplication of fishes, or as healings, as the raising of the dead. There was no such thing as raising of the dead. It was the Master’s realization of the presence of Light that appeared as a live form.

So, the whole secret is that awareness. Ah, the 91st Psalm, doesn’t that give it to us?

He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most high,”

and then all these evils shall not come nigh his dwelling place. Whose dwelling place? He that lives in the secret place of the most high. He who lives, and moves, and has his being in God, in God awareness, God consciousness, God realization, God presence. No demonstration there of food. No demonstration of protection. No demonstration of anything. Just the demonstration of God’s presence.

Now, we come, in a measure, in the measure at least of our attainment, to the demonstration of harmony in our experience, in proportion to our understanding of the nature of God. In order to come to an understanding of the nature of God, you must give up all of your concepts of God, because these concepts have not met your need. If these concepts of God had met your need, you would now be resting in Heaven and not be concerned with seeking a truth, or seeking a realization, or seeking a teaching. No, no, no, that all ends the very moment you have arrived at a realization of God. From that moment on, you start imparting your realization, your protective, and your multiplication powers to others.

So, let us understand this, regardless of our concept of God, that concept isn’t God. Now, with that beginning, let us turn away and say, “Alright, now what is God? What is Christ? What is Truth?” And, when you ask the question in your meditation, in your ponderings, do not try to answer it from any statements of truth that you have ever read or heard. Begin to throw away every word of truth that you have read or heard, and go to the Father within with a sense of “Alright, I’m dropping my concept. I’m dropping Joel’s concept. I’m dropping Jesus’ concept. I’m dropping everybody’s concept of God. What is God? I want no more concepts. I want God face to face. I want God. I want to know God. I want to see God, experience God face to face. This must be my experience. I know that Jesus had a wonderful experience. That’s what carried him through. I know that Elijah, Moses, and all the rest of these had wonderful experiences. John. Paul. I know that Mrs. Eddy had wonderful experiences. I know that Mrs. Fillmore had wonderful experiences. I want a God experience of my own, not a vicarious one. I want a God experience of my own. Now, what is God?” And then, listen. Make yourself a state of receptivity. Make yourself be still enough to listen, to let this thing impart Itself to you.

There’s only one hint anyone can give you and that you don’t have to accept as a concept. This is a truth. This is a truth that reveals itself to you instantly. God IS. That you know. God IS. That’s not a concept. That’s an absolute knowledge and conviction within your own being. Not what God is, it doesn’t tell you what God is, or where God is, or who God is, or how God is. There’s only one acknowledgement there. God IS. I would not like to see anybody deny that. God IS. Make that acknowledgement. God IS. Then be satisfied not to attach any labels to God. Attach no labels to God, not good labels, or bad labels, or suppositional labels. Just be content with God IS, and then let the Spirit within you define to you what God is, where God is, when God is, how much God is. Let that be revealed to you from within. You stand fast on God IS, and then let the what, when, and wherefore define Itself, reveal Itself to you from within your own being, and it won’t be long until you have your own God experience.

Well, this will lead us eventually to a higher concept of prayer than we have heretofore known. Our failures in demonstration—demonstration of harmony, wholeness, completeness—have been due to our lack of understanding of the nature of God and our lack of the understanding of the nature of prayer. First, there must be God awareness. Then, there must follow automatically the knowledge of prayer, since it is through prayer that we attain the union with God, conscious communion with God. That is attained through prayer. So, somewhere in this week, we must have a God experience and through that a higher realization of the nature of prayer.

Until tomorrow night, I thank you. I thank you. I thank you.