Do you see why an individual who has caught the very first glimpse of God’s presence can never have a problem of his own after that? Never. He has the real presence of God—the very Life, and Soul, and Spirit, and Activity, and Creativeness of God. What more could one need than that? But, it takes that realization to bring it into manifestation. Now watch that, it takes the realization to bring it into manifestation. That is why many of you may have wondered, if you have worked on health problems, or supply problems, or family problems for a long time and have had no results, you may wonder why. You may even have used all the right words and wonder why. It is because there is no activity of the human mind—no activity of the human mind—will produce spiritual fruitage. There must be realization. The knowledge of the letter of truth, the correct knowledge of the letter of truth, or the knowledge of the correct letter of truth will lead to that state of consciousness that results in realization. But, it is the realization that brings the manifestation or expression into visibility. So, we may take our truth, let us call it even a statement of truth—“God is not power”—we may take that into our meditation until one day the inner meaning, the real meaning dawns upon us; and we find our relaxation from mental effort, mental strife, mental struggle; and then we begin to perceive the infinity of God here; and we wonder why we had never seen it before, because now we realize it always has existed.

From this, we go to another point. In saying God is not power, you will soon realize that we have broken down one of your concepts of God. You have entertained a concept; we have entertained—it isn’t only you—all of us have entertained a concept of God as power. And sometimes we have wondered why the power didn’t come into expression, and now we know. God never was a power. That was a wrong concept that we were entertaining, and, therefore, it never could come into manifestation or expression. We entertained a wrong concept of God.

Now, I carry you a step further.

There isn’t any concept of God that is power.

There isn’t anything you know about God that is God. There isn’t anything you know about truth that is Truth. Not a thing that you believe about God is God. It remains a belief about God. It remains a theory or a concept of God, and you could pray to that concept from now to doomsday and nothing would happen. No matter how fine, no matter how wonderful your concept of God, your concept of God is not God. Forever and forever, your concept of God will remain a concept of God, except that as you grow in grace your concept will change and your concept will improve, but no matter how much they change and no matter how much they improve, they never will become God. And so, praying to your concept of God is useless.

Oh, now we come face to face, well, you know, actually we come face to face with something that, if we grasp it tonight, we can take a vacation all the rest of the week. We need not come back. We can have it all here tonight in this next ten minutes. Our concepts of God do not constitute God, and there’s no use praying to your concept of God. So, if you have thought of God as power, or God as life, or God as love, or God as something else, stop praying to it, and stop expecting something from it. It will not come. I don’t care if you have 7 synonyms or seventy synonyms for God. They are not God. Only God IS God. Nothing that you can know about God is God. Nothing that you can think about God, believe about God, or hope about God is God. Only God IS God, and you might as well let God be God and not try to influence It either. You cannot influence God, not by being good, and that’s why tithing, not even by tithing eighty percent. You just cannot influence God. God IS God.