Never, never, never will God increase your crops and leave barren the crops of your Catholic or Jewish neighbor. Now that would be a God, wouldn’t it?

No. The ignorance of our neighbors may bring them face to face with insufficiency. The ignorance of our neighbors—their ignorance of truth—may leave them under a claim or belief of lack or limitation. It is in the same way that sometimes we get the very fanciful ideas that because we are Christian Scientists, or Unity students, or New Thought students, or Infinite Way students that in some mysterious manner God is much better to us than to the rest of the world. That’s a horrible God. That God isn’t a God at all. God isn’t any better to us than to anyone else. We are more consciously aware of God’s presence manifest as form. And, there comes one of the secrets of the workings of treatment or prayer in The Infinite Way.

I say this for the benefit of those who have not been students for a long period or who are not thoroughly aware of the principles in the writings. At no point in our work do we attempt to demonstrate person, place, thing, condition, or amount. At no point of our work is it legitimate to attempt to demonstrate more of this or more of that, or even less of this or less of that. We, in The Infinite Way, have only one legitimate demonstration, and that is the demonstration of the realization of God’s presence. That is the demonstration of the realization of divine harmony everywhere, equally present, universally true of friend and of foe, of saint and of sinner. We, in our work, dare not withhold any good from the sinner any more than we would from our saintly brothers and sisters. We dare not accept the belief that one nation, one race, one religion has less access to God than another, or that we have more access to God than another. No one has. The infinity of God is universal. Our apprehension of that truth constitutes our demonstration of good. Is that clear?

Now then, once you see that the realization of God’s presence results in the actual manifestation and expression of abundance, there is no need to believe that you, through your miraculous treatments or prayers, increased anything. You became more aware of that which already existed from the beginning in its fullness. Don’t you know that in the very city where one person is finding lack and limitation, another one is finding abundance? In the very climate where one person is finding sickness and distress, another one is regaining their health. How do we account for all this? Well, certainly, the climate had nothing to do with it, and the city had nothing to do with it. Not even the year. I remember traveling west and meeting a man on the train who showed me an article about himself in the newspaper. He had just paid a $200,000 dividend to his employees, and the town in which his factory existed was a town of less than three thousand population. And, when he was a young man in the midst of the depression, he wanted to get away and come to New York where there was greater opportunity, but unfortunately nobody would give him enough money to get to New York and keep him here until he could get a position. So, he had to stay home. And finally, the idea came to him, “Well, even if I can’t get away and even if I can’t be wealthy, I can at least stay home and be happy and busy.” And, he looked around for some business item and found it. And with that little business item in his town of three thousand, before several years had passed of the depression, everybody in the town was on his payroll, except those who had their little individual businesses. And, he had come to the place of this tremendous dividend.

Well, his secret was that from his very first year, when he had only one employee, he couldn’t afford to pay that employee a salary, so he gave him enough to pay his room and board and the promise of the rest out of the profits. And, it worked with him, and so when he had his second and third employee, he decided the same way to give him very little money but some of the profits; and as the business grew, the idea continued until he was entirely on a profit-sharing business. Now, this was during the depression, and it was in a town of less than three thousand while other people were in towns of three million and couldn’t make it go. The city isn’t responsible, nor is the year responsible. It can be a depression year or a boom year. Loads of people have gone broke in boom years. You’ve all heard the story of the man on the street who came up to a man begging for his dime, or quarter, or whatever it was, and the man made some remark about the depression. He said; “Oh no, I’m not a depression bum. I was a bum before the depression.” Yes, there have been lots of losses even in boom years. The years cannot make us, and the years cannot break us, but we ourselves become a law unto ourselves in proportion as we realize God to be the substance of all form. That is how one of our class books has that title, “God, the Substance of all Form,” because the entire week the subject was brought forth of God as the substance of all form. Now, is God the substance of limited form? And can you increase the amount of form, if God is the substance of it? No, the form is already infinite, as infinite as the substance of which it appears. Ah, what secret then lies in this—the acknowledgement of God as omnipresent; more, as Omnipresence itself, the presence of our very being, and, therefore, the presence of infinity. Nothing less.