So it is with every quotation of scripture or of spiritual writing, as an affirmation or denial, they’re valueless. As a matter of fact, they can be downright destructive. But, as a statement to take into our consciousness for pondering, for arriving at its meaning, ah, there you have the meat of the word. “I have meat the world knows not of.” What “meat” is that? That is an understanding of these scriptural quotations. That is the meat. The understanding. Not the ability to memorize them, not the ability to quote them, not the ability to repeat them or use them as metaphysical clichés, no, no, but an understanding of them. That is meat and drink. That is wine and water. That is really the substance of life. And so it is, I can say to you, “God is not power,” and I can explain that the reason is that since two times two are already four, we don’t need a power to maintain it. It is a self-sustaining Truth. Or, there is a law of “like begetting like”—apples from apples, and peaches from peaches, and fish from fish, and elephants from elephants, and so forth and so on; and we don’t need any God to come around and be a big power to keep it so. That is an established law that is from the beginning, ever has been, always will be, and not even a God Itself could change that law. Not even a God could bring pineapples out of watermelons. Not even a God can do that. There is a law of like begetting like, and there is no record anywhere on Earth of its having been violated, and we don’t go around looking for a God to maintain it so. We know that it is so. And so, just to say that God is power or to say that God is not power is only to become involved in statements, whereas to take statements into meditation, ponder them until they become living realities is really to bring the kingdom of God into our experience.

Now, the first thing that happens, if you accept this lesson number one that “God is not power,” the first thing that happens is that you’re going to be confronted with an appearance of discord, either in your experience or the experience of someone else. It may be on the street as you go home tonight and immediately the temptation will come to turn to God as a power, or to think of truth over error, or good overcoming evil, and right there your affirmation that God is not power will do you no good. Right there, you will have to take that statement and say, “Uh-oh, now what? Now what? Now where do I go with that statement, ‘God is not power?’ Here I am being confronted with an appearance of sin, disease, death, lack, limitation, whatever its name or nature; and yet I’ve taken a statement, ‘God is not power.’ Now what am I going to do? How am I going to bring harmony into this discord if I don’t go to God? How are we to find help here if God doesn’t intervene? Now what am I to do with this ‘God is not power?’” And watch how many times in this coming year you will be faced with the temptation to use God as a power, to use truth as a power over error, and how many times you will have to take that into your consciousness and struggle with yourself, until the day finally arrives when you really say, “Oh, it’s really true. God isn’t a power. Harmony is. Harmony already is.” Harmony was created in the beginning with God and that harmony maintains itself, sustains itself, reveals itself to the listening ear, to the receptive thought, to the humble heart. Harmony is.

We cannot pray that like beget like. We can become aware that there is a law of like beget like, and then we can let it operate. We cannot make seeds grow. We can learn to plant them, fertilize them, water them, and let the law take over. We cannot make it so. There is no way even—although many metaphysicians believe there is—there is no way of increasing your crops by what the world calls “prayer.” You can’t do that. The reason is this. Your crops are infinite. They cannot be added to, because they’re not your crops, nor are they the result of material growth. Everything that appears is made out of what? The substance of the Invisible. Everything that appears is made out of the substance we call “God,” and it is infinite. Ah, your awareness of that truth will make two roses grow on your rosebush where only one grew before. It will make a dozen apples grow on your apple tree where one grew before. Then you can’t say, “I multiplied loaves and fishes,” or “the power of God increased my crops.” Oh heavens no. There is no such thing as increase or decrease. There is only infinity expressing itself, and if you are not aware of infinity, if you are not the recipient of infinity, it isn’t because infinity isn’t there. It is your lack of awareness.

Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

Free of what? The belief of lack and limitation. Never, never, never will God increase your crops and leave barren the crops of your Catholic or Jewish neighbor. Now that would be a God, wouldn’t it?