I Am the Bread of Life

The I Am classes have started. They will not be directly on YouTube. But to offer you a possibility for an amazing Gift to yourself this was given to share. Available for you is a video and audio of the meditation that we used to conclude the class. Also available is a PDF with the text from the spoken words in the media presented.



Words of this meditation can be found in John 6, we used the plain English version from the Aramaic. Specific instructions we given to make this video and how to use it to your greatest benefit. This is You speaking to you

  • How to Use this recording:
  • – Contemplate for 5 minutes this sentence: “Timeless truth I speak to you”
  • -Close your eyes
  • – Open yourself up to receive this Gift for yourself
  • – Don’t react to it
  • – Listen to the music and meditation and music
  • – read what it says and close your eyes when it is silence
  • – When the second music track is over:
  • – Be still for another 5 minutes or so
  • Thank you Wim



I AM Meditation: I AM The Bread Of Life

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