BODIES and Christ

When the body ceases to attract you, and when you place no value on it as a means of GETTING ANYTHING, then there will be NO interference in communication. And your thoughts will be as free as God’s. As you let the Holy Spirit teach you how to use the body ONLY for purposes of communication, and RENOUNCE its use for separation and attack, which the EGO sees in it, you will learn you have no need of a body at all. In the holy instant, there ARE no bodies. And you experience ONLY the attraction of God. Accepting it as undivided, you join Him wholly, in an instant. For you would place NO limits on your union WITH Him. The reality of THIS relationship becomes the only truth that you could ever WANT. ALL Truth IS here.

Urtext A Course in Miracles, ch 15J The Time of Christ, Miracles in Action Press, 2008

This is day 31 of the 40 days to Christ’s Second Coming- event.

The question we start with: does the body still attract you? Does it still have value to you as a means for getting anything? Well, let me say it in another way. Are you experiencing interference in your Communion, or Communication with God? You might wonder what have the two in common with one another? Are they related? Will there be a moment that you can be free of these limitations that you encounter? In the next reading you can listen to answers to all these questions and more than that, it is your opportunity to go beyond the questions and actually start Communicating with your Source. Why placing limits on your Communication or Communion with what IS?


The Time Of Christ, Chapter 15 J, Urtext A Course in Miracles

New ideas regarding bodies

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