I am opening the door of my consciousness, that the Christ, the Son of God, may enter; that the spirit of God may be upon me; that I may be ordained. Thy grace is my sufficiency, therefor I am not here seeking health, or wealth, or harmony, peace. I’m seeking Thy grace, willing to let it take whatever form it will in my experience. ‘Thy grace is my sufficiency in all things‘. And it is only Thy grace that I bid to enter; Thy glory; that Thy spirit may be upon me, within me, shining through me. The presence of God is here, where I am. Closer than breathing, nearer than hands and feet. Closer than breathing, the poet says, is the presence of God. The place whereon thou standest is holy ground because the presence of God is here. But in our human experience, we have missed it. The presence of God has done nothing for us. But now, we open consciousness specifically that the spirit of God may enter; may perform Its will within us. 

This is prayer, or communion, or meditation. Call it what you will. It is a little of each. Actually, I think we would call this, in our work, contemplative meditation. We are contemplating truth. We are acknowledging; closer than breathing, the presence and power of God. We are acknowledging that it all is here, standing at the door awaiting our invitation to enter, and to transform our lives, not as we would have it transform, but as the Spirit of God would transform us into Its image and likeness. 

Joel S. Goldsmith in ‘Opening the Door to Me’ excerpt tape 543



Opening the Door to me, Joel S. Goldsmith