Whatever it is of good that comes into our experience, is not for your good or mine, it is that the Father may be glorified in you. The egotistical sense of right—that sense of right that has resulted in people thinking how wise they are, how great they are, how supreme in wisdom they are, is destructive of any civilization and every civilization. It is only in the realization that we are instruments of the divine, that there is a divinity that is manifesting Itself in Its glory as our individual being, and therefore, that the fruits of our life, which may be health, harmony, wholeness, eternality, immortality, peace, joy, dominion, power, grace, health, wholeness, completeness, perfection, happiness—all of these things are really God expressing Itself as those very qualities of our being. And so, more and more we learn to take that relaxed attitude of letting this power of the Father flow through us.

Joel S. Goldsmith, The New Dimension – Christ, tape 32

TRANSCRIPT of Talk of Joel