Practicing the Infinite Way

In the series Conscious Union With God, named after the book of Joel S. Goldsmith, we continue with the next chapter: Teaching the Message.

Prepare for the class

In order to prepare yourself for this class, you can read the chapter of the book Conscious Union With God. Or if you rather listen, listen to this recording made for you. It is a complete summary of the Infinite Way teaching.


‘Teaching the Message’, read to you by Wim H.

What is the message Joel is talking about?

As a possibility to prepare this class, present today with us is Joel with the video: ‘The Message of The Infinite Way and Its Practice’ by Joel S. Goldsmith tapes 240. In this almost 2 hour lecture of Joel in Maui he puts it all in place for you.

Watch the VIDEO

Want join the Sunday Class?


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