New Services

The services available are all inspired by the extension of the Love that created you and you will recognize as your own.


Wim is available for the services presented here. He offers healing and transformational coaching world wide, on a daily basis. By listening with his heart and extending the Love through him, you join with him in the recognition of Source, the Love that created you!

Book a 20 min. consultation today!


Miracle healing

Join with me in this moment of recognition of your true Identity. Light dispels darkness. Where is guilt, depression and anxiety when you recognize you are as God created you. 

25-40 minute session (suggested donation $25)


A provision for regaining clarity of your sole- purpose. The Light has come! We meet to use time constructively. What is preventing me from choosing only love? My ideas about myself. In this session you will discover what thoughts and ideas are not helpful to you and cause moments of hopelessness and confusion. Your opportunity to return to Love by letting these ideas be undone for you. By your request you receive an audio recording of the session.

50 minute session (suggested donation $50)

Quiet Healing Moment

In Stillness I receive God’s word today. Some of us love to meet in quiet. We come together in the Light of Stillness. During our holy instant we receive the healing for ourselves. 

20- 30 minute session (suggested donation $25)

Practitioner – Treatment

After a short moment of sharing we join together in a moment of Silence and let our concerns be undone by the recognition of our True Nature


My donation for services

Thank you for your support


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1 Comment

  1. Wow !! It’s All coming together, Wim !♡
    Lol that which was never separate from the start. ( no beginning no end)
    Divine Love has it no other way.
    Your encouragement to go forth with deeper intent has saved the day ! … without number 🙂
    Thank You ♡
    I love where you are in sharing with the world. Wonderful 😊


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