Rosicrucian Digest April 1948, Joel S. Goldsmith

Scientific Understanding

Spiritual healing is an accomplished fact in this age. It is done through the scientific understanding and spiritual discernment of Truth. A knowledge of the letter of Truth will do splendid things for us, but the spiritual consciousness itself does the mighty works today as it did in Biblical times.
To be healed of physical, mental, or financial discords is a simple matter if one finds a practitioner or teacher who combines a knowledge of the truth of being with a degree of spiritual awareness and is willing to “let go” and be shown the beauties of spiritual sense. It is not necessary in order to be healed that one do a prescribed amount of reading or attend a church, although it is true that many have been healed while reading metaphysical literature. Also there have been countless thousands of healings during church services and during lectures of a metaphysical nature. Whatever tends to spiritualize thought and to “unself” us makes us receptive to healing. None of these things should be done with the thought of being healed, but rather from the standpoint of gaining more understanding of Truth and the spiritualization of thought.
The practitioner must never accept the suggestion that the patient must do something in order to be healed. To the practitioner it must be clear that spiritual being is perfect and whole.
Spiritual healing is based on the understanding of the nature of God; on the further understanding of God and man (I and my body) as one; on the knowledge of the nature and character of error; and finally on the spiritual discernment of this truth of being.
Countless generations have looked upon God as a sort of superman – a personal Being or mysterious power. Many have thought of God as someone watching the goings and comings of mortals and punishing or rewarding – sometimes in accord with the individual’s deserving; sometimes in proportion to the virtues or sins of ancestors. And, of course, this particular God sometimes answered prayer and more often did not. He was difficult to understand. How many have gone to churches for many years to earn some small favor, and then found only disappointment. God has often been praised for giving great blessings, only to be cursed later for withdrawing them. God has been prayed to, petitioned, pleaded with, entreated, praised and promised, and often to no avail.
The Revelation of Truth has explained the great failure of men in their search for God through its finding of God as principle, life, soul or mind. There is neither a far off God of whims nor a far-off divine mind. Truth reveals God as the universal mind, life, and Soul of the individual, you and me. We have no mind but God; no life, intelligence, love, law or being but God. God is the soul of you and me.
Realizing this truth, we immediately discern our oneness with the Father, and, therefore, we know why “all that the Father hath is mine” and “the place whereon you stand is holy ground.”
God being our only life, we are eternal, immortal, immutable, indivisible from the whole. Divine Mind, our only mind, assures us of infinite intelligence, wisdom, guidance, direction. The soul of us being God, we must be pure.
The search for a power outside ourselves ceases as we realize our oneness with God. We rely more and more on the divinity of our own being to govern, protect, and maintain us. We learn to turn to the kingdom of God within us for all our needs, and in proportion as we stop looking to person, circumstance, or condition for our good, does the infinite good of God unfold from within our own being. No longer do we find it necessary to rely on any outside source for health or wealth, nor even look to a divine Love somewhere outside ourselves to meet our human needs. Divine Love is the very soul of our being. God is all. Yes, God is all. God is all the life, love, soul, mind, or spirit that I am. And my body is the temple of God. My body is the temple of the Holy Ghost and, therefore, my body is full of health, wholeness and harmony. God is the Principle of my being, the law unto me and unto all my affairs. “I and my Father are one” and “All that the Father hath is mine.” In ancient literature we find the illustration of this in the statement that “As a wave is one with the ocean, so I am one with God.” This illustration is worthy of much thought. Any idea that reveals our oneness with God should be frequently pondered. In this understanding of oneness lies our individual salvation. Without some sense of this, we will always be seeking the aid of some personal or outside God or power, or we will be dependent on humans or human conditions.